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Santi Cazorla Vs Juan Mata | 2012-13 Stats

Cazorla Vs Mata

The Spanish wizards have taken the Premier League by storm in the 2012-13 season. Not only are they compatriots but they have a similar build and stature and thanks to Cazorla’s man of the match performance that relegated Wigan Athletic, they are also performing very similarly in the Premier League this season.

They represent the best goal-scoring & creative midfielders in the Premier League. The stats from our Stats Centre (powered by Opta) below suggest that both of them are in the Top 5 for the major creativity statistics that are available to us.

Clear-cut Chances Created - Cazorla v Mata

There’s only one clear-cut chance between them this season with Cazorla being 4th highest and Mata in 5th position.

Total Goal Assists - Cazorla v Mata

With regards to goal assists Santi Cazorla is now within two goal assists to reach the top spot in this statistic. Juan Mata leads with 12 at the moment and with both playing one more game in the Premier League anything could happen. Santi was obviously aided by his four goal assists against Wigan.

Total Chances Created - Cazorla v Mata

Finally total chances created is led by Leighton Baines and there’s no way anyone will catch him with one game to go. Santi Cazorla and Juan Mata again appear on this list and as Santi showed last night there is a possibility of rather large swings with excellent creative performances.

The featured graphic indicates that Mata has created with more frequency as he has played marginally less however you cannot discount the fact that Santi Cazorla’s season has been fantastic for Arsenal. As the final day of the season arrives everyone’s eyes will be on which of the North London rivals will be in next season’s Champions League with Arsenal in the driving seat.

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