Bale better than Neymar says Bale's agent | Neymar Vs Bale Stats

Bale better than Neymar says Bale's agent | Neymar Vs Bale Stats

Neymar Vs Bale

Jonathan Barnett, who represents Bale at the negotiating table, said in the interview that if the Spanish giants were to make an offer then they would listen and that, “If somebody like Mr Perez (Real Madrid president) was interested in Gareth Bale it would be a great honour.”

However, he did stress that no interested clubs had made contact with his client and then in a separate interview with a Spurs fan site, that there remains a possibility Bale could sign a new contract at White Hart Lane.

As for the Neymar reference, Barnett was quoted in the interview as saying,

[quote]Bale is better than Neymar. He’s proved himself in the best league in the world.[/quote]

He then added, “Listen, it’s crazy, but whatever Neymar cost, Gareth Bale is worth more.”

Obviously the agent of a player of the calibre of Tottenham’s talisman would say this, but is he really better than Neymar? Talksport provided a statistical comparison that showed the two players to be very similar. They both have similar goals-per-game averages, and Neymar only took eight minutes on average quicker to score a goal this season.

The difference of course is that Bale did this in the Premier League, whereas Neymar did it in the Brazilian Campeonato Paulista. However, it has not stopped Barcelona spending a significant amount of money to get him.

Going back to Barnett’s original quotes, it would appear that he is angling for a move to the Spanish capital for Bale. However, his admission to Spurs fans that a contract extension remains likely for the player means that anxious Tottenham supporters may not have to worry too much, yet.