What the English Premier League has missed: Cesc Fabregas | 09-10 Stats

What the English Premier League has missed: Cesc Fabregas | 09-10 Stats

There has been increasing speculation over the possible transfer of Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona back to the English premier league. Rumours that both Manchester United and Arsenal are both currently tracking the player and Cesc himself could be interested in moving back to England. The recent news of the Brazilian forward Neymar finalising his move from Santos to Barcelona, has heightened the speculation over the Spanish Internationals future as his game time could be further reduced.

Fabregas signed for Arsenal in September 2003 where he managed to quickly adjust to life in England, soon making a first team impact in the 2004/05 season benefiting from the injuries sustained within the Arsenal first eleven combined with departure of Patrick Vieira. Cesc was part of Arsenal’s successful FA cup victory in 2005 in which he earned himself a starting place. After becoming more and more crucial to Arsenal, Cesc eventually established himself as the clubs captain before eventually returning to Barcelona. Having left Arsenal with only one trophy, some may feel that he has unfinished business with the London club who are still trying to win a trophy since 2005.

What has the Premier League missed with the departure of Fabregas?

Fabregas is acknowledged as an extremely influential player in England, one who possesses fantastic vision enabling him to create ample chances and the ability to be clinical in and around the box. In Arsenal’s 2009/10 campaign, Cesc managed to rack up 13 assists and 15 goals becoming the premier leagues second most creative player only behind Frank Lampard, who managed an incredible 22 goals and 14 assists.

However, Cesc only managed 26 starts compared to Lampard’s 36 and was able to still make more chances per minute compared to the top 10 creative premier league players in 2009/10 in fact he was the most frequent creator in 2009-10 which is even more impressive. Further exemplifying how creative Cesc is and how useful he could be to new employers in the Premier League. No doubt, he would he offer more goals and assists to Arsenal whom already enjoy a strong and effective midfield. They could still use Cesc’s attributes as Wilshire, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain,  and Arshavin only managed 2 league goals between which needs improving.

Fabregas Total Chances 09-10

Although United have proven how effective they were this season at putting the ball in the net by scoring 80 league goals, whilst Robin Van Persie claimed the golden boot with an impressive  return of 26 league goals. However, United have evidently struggled in the goals department coming from midfield. Shinji Kagawa led the way this campaign with just 6 goals and Johnny Evans scored more goals than any other United midfielder with a total of 3 league goals. There can be no question that Cesc would be extremely effective in midfield for United and the Premier League would appreciate him complimenting the United strike force with his exquisite vision.

Fabregas - minutes per chance 09-10

Fabregas created chances the most frequently in the 2009-10 Premier League Season

Once Fabregas has the opportunity, it’s obvious how influential he can be both in scoring and creating goal scoring chances. However, Cesc’s injuries within his last 3 seasons of English football have prevented him from starting a higher percentage of games. He only managed to start 22 games of 2010/11 and during that season he only managed 11 assists and 3 goals becoming less effective by playing fewer games through injuries. This season for Barcelona Cesc has not been as effective as some hoped in trying to reduce the burden on Lionel Messi whilst still scoring 13 goals in 30 starts.  He has still been more affective than the rest of the United midfield.

Fabregas Assists - 09-10

Without doubt Cesc is an exceptional player, who is still only 26 years old and arguably still has his peak years to come. His more recent injury record will concern both clubs, but the quality that Cesc possesses is undeniable and he would definitely be able to have a positive impact on either team if he were to join as long as he can stay injury free as both could use a goal scoring creative midfielder. Let’s hope for the league that we see Cesc Fabregas return.

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