Willian to Liverpool? Suarez to stay? Really? Really? Willian Stats

Willian to Liverpool? Suarez to stay? Really? Really? Willian Stats

Shocking news made the rounds on Tuesday evening as it was reported by many major newspapers that Liverpool were to make a bid for Brazilian star Willian Borges Da Silva. Whilst the transfer seems far fetched, words like outlandish & fantasy came to mind, it would be best to concentrate on the headlines of each of the articles. Liverpool are going to bid for Willian – they haven’t bought him! In reality there is no chance in hell that Liverpool would pull off such a transfer. Call me a pessimist but players that aren’t as talented as Willian (Mkhitariyan & Costa) have rebuffed Liverpool this summer so there is no way that Willian would contemplate moving to a club not even playing in Europe? Or would he? We can all dream about it but the reality is that it’s not going to happen.

The rumoured bid is going to be for around £35m, maybe even higher. Signing a player like this would surely get the rest of the Premier League to take Liverpool seriously especially if as rumoured today, Luis Suarez also stays.

Willian Suarez

Willian Stats

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Looking at the Willian stats from 2012/13, from transfermarkt.co.uk, Willian was involved in a goal for Anzi every 120 minutes (created or scored) which is pretty impressive. The Champions League stats blow the domestic ones out of the water with a goal involvement of every 75 mins! That’s pretty amazing.

I still don’t think it’ll happen – he’s just too good to go to a club that is out of the European competitions. This all smells of Anzi trying to start a bidding war as they wish to sell their star players and balance the books.

Suarez to Stay? What?


[quote]Luis Suarez confirms to me he will not leave Liverpool. The support of the fans has influenced his ­decision. Suarez see it as likely that he’ll sign a renewal (extension) to the contract that binds him to Liverpool.[/quote]

Well that would be quite a turnaround and if true Suarez would be, undoubtedly, the highest paid footballer at Liverpool Football Club and have a “real” release clause to allow him to move to a club outside of England maybe even as soon as January. Who knows but the clause will no doubt allow Liverpool to dictate a price and destination which will most likely be outside of England. The Uruguayan’s resistance to hand in a transfer request could also point to his lack interest in pushing a move to Arsenal, had this been Real Madrid knocking at the door you’d have to assume that the transfer request would have been submitted by now. Again being the pessimist here but a new contract could be the only way to get Suarez to play with 100% determination (to interest potential winter buyers) for Liverpool from October onwards.

Whilst the Willian story is probably a Twitter rumour that has found its way to the broadsheets (yes this has happened before) – it is a relief that there could be an end in site to the Liverpool Vs Suarez saga in the short term allowing Liverpool to concentrate on the visit of Stoke City on the opening day of the 2013-14 season.