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City V Wigan | 3 Points to Keep in Mind

Heading in to week 4 after a nearly perfect start that includes the emergence of Edin Dzeko as the EPL’s top scorer, stellar pick-ups of goal scorer Sergio Aguero and former Gunner Samir Nasri, and a dominant and cohesive midfield, City faces a Wigan side that has yet to lose this season. City’s start to the season has been so great, even the Tevez problems have vanished in the minds of fans.

Of course, a simple and efficient way of getting off the unstoppable track that City seems to be starting on would be to not get the full 3 home points versus Wigan this week. All City fans should fully expect a win, hopefully with a similar offensive juggernaut that we have seen in the first 3 games. Last year’s home match against Wigan was not such an easy affair though, as you may recall. City earned the win off a goal from David Silva that was more a gift than a goal considering the keeper’s error.

Here are 3 important points to keep in mind during the game:

  • Can Di Santo and Dzeko keep up their scoring streaks?

Di Santo is coming off a big game, scoring the 2 goals in a 2-0 win over QPR, while Dzeko is heading in to the game having scored 4 in the slaughter of Tottenham. Can both the scorers keep this up in to the next week? Here is a comparison of attacking stats of both players this season:

Clearly, Dzeko has been on quite a streak this season, scoring an average of once a half so far. He has also been very good on converting his chances, scoring on 43% of them. On the other hand, Di Santo’s goals have both been long range, coming from outside the box

  • Can Nasri stay as connected as he did in his City premier?

There is only one statistic that matters from Nasri’s first game in blue: 11 chances created. That is an absurd amount of chances created. If Nasri is able to keep up this play-making ability City will surely be able to secure a 4th victory.

  • Can Touré continue to pass efficiently?

Against Tottenham, Toure passed the ball a whopping 96 times, completing 93% of those passes. Even more impressive, 19 of those passes were in the attacking third, 16 of which were successful. While everyone applauds Dzeko for finding the back of the net and Nasri for his assists, it is important not to overlook Toure who is able to keep the ball extremely well for City, especially in the final third. Much of City’s success this season should be attributed to Toure.

If the above three points are realized versus Wigan, I am sure we can all agree that City will go on to 4 wins in 4 games. 

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