Was it the Shankly Spirit or a new dawn for Liverpool?


Could it be the Shankly Spirit? Or the efforts of a well groomed Manager with a point to prove, or could this EPL season be the one for Liverpool?

Shankly Spirit

Is spending millions on football players worthwhile? Or will the development of player, as well as styles of play prevail?

With a winning streak of 3 out of 3, and a whopping 9 points already (far better than previous seasons) all eyes are on the Reds, with goal machine Suarez yet to feature due to a 10-match ban received last season.

Brendan Rodgers and the boys marched on to a 1-0 victory over Title holders Manchester United, in a home victory marked in celebration of William Shankly. Rodgers, much like Shankly, since joining Liverpool has made numerous changes to the squad with a new tactical approach, as well as new faces and styles of play. Although last season was an improvement for the Reds, it is the 2013/2014 Season that has the bookies on edge. Liverpool look dangerous with Coutinho’s swift dominance in the midfield, and with our lucky number 15, Sturridge, it’s a great leap forward in regaining the English Premier League title, one game at a time.

But, the action in the heart of Liverpool isn’t the only highlight for the past weekend. It seems there was no luck headed for EPL big spenders Tottenham Hotspurs, when they were defeated by a tight pocket Arsene Wenger Arsenal side in the London Derby. It seems one goal was the decision maker this past weekend when another 1-0 saw Arsenal walk out of the Emirates Stadium, well deserving victors. Giroud easily converted a Top Class cross from Theo Walcott to give the Gunners their 22nd minute lead, which saw them to the end of the match.

Did Tottenham spend too much? It seems so. With a shaky performance almost all over the park, it seems the big spenders have a lot of work to do once the transfer season has come to an end, without playmaker, Gareth Bale, who has completed a record breaking transfer to the Bernabeu.

The departure of Bale undoubtedly will have a vast effect on Tottenham this season. Bale contributed to 21 goals last season with a 3rd place ranking of minutes per goal stat, a mere 116.96. But, with the sale of their top player, a world-record breaking £86million, will Tottenham celebrate in style, despite the loss of a key player, or will that money be spent on developing future Bale’s?

With the race on for early Top Spots, it seems Liverpool have come out on top of the log with Chelsea trailing by 2 points, and Arsenal holding onto a tight rope on 4th place, with 6 points, leaving London Rivals Tottenham in a sturdy 6th position.

With both Tottenham and Arsenal playing in separate matches on the 14th September, it is all eyes on Norwich and Sunderland to decide who will come out with the early advantage in London. But it’s the 16th September which we will focus on. We see Brendan Rodgers take on previous club Swansea City in what will be a physical encounter no doubt.

It’s a-tell-all few weeks ahead as we keep a close eye on Tottenham Hotspurs, Arsenal and Liverpool in the race for Champions League Football.


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