EPL Manager Impact Index - Week 3 Update | Hughes, Rodgers & Pelegrini

EPL Manager Impact Index - Week 3 Update | Hughes, Rodgers & Pelegrini

Week 3 of the Premier League has been and gone, the Manager Impact Index has been updated and, as with the first 2 weeks, there were some big winners and some poor losers.  The leader is a bit of a surprise, whereas the bottom 3 probably won’t surprise anyone.  Still, we’re only 3 games in….

If you’re new to the EPL Manager Impact Index it may be worth having a read of the explanation before you dive in, it can be found here: EPL Manager Index Post.

Before I get to the table, I thought it might be an idea to have a look at the individual weeks scoring, to give some idea of how far and how quickly things can swing.


(click for interactive detail)

As the above shows, just because a manager is racking up the points in the first 2 weeks it can very quickly stop.  Also worth looking at Wenger who scored -5 points in week 1, but has quickly corrected it in weeks 2 and 3 with 21 and 18 points respectively.

The highest single points scorer so far is David Moyes, with an incredible 36 points from the 1st game against Swansea followed by Manuel Pellegrini (29 in week 1) and Ian Holloway (28 this weekend).

Brendan Rodgers is currently the MII’s Mr Reliable, totting up his points in a steady, if unspectacular fashion, keeping his points in the teens.

The majority of the points are being won by being the scorer of the first goal in the second half with 100 out of 647 points (15.5%).  There has been a maximum points potential from winning away games of 120, however only 44 of these points (36.6%) has been claimed.

84% of possible substitutions have been made so far, however 9% of these have been forced substitutions due to injury.  Only 6.58% of substitutions have resulted in an impact (either a goal or an assist), however this isn’t too far away from the norm.  Manuel Pellegrini is still king of the subs impact, with 3 so far this season.

So an alternative view of the table, showing current points and the difference in position from last week is here:


(click for interactive detail)

The size of the circles show us their position in the table (the larger the circle, the higher the place), whilst the colour shows the difference in table position v their week 2 position.

Ian Holloway has jumped 12 places up the table as a result of his excellent 3-1 win against Sunderland.  The biggest drop is 6 places by Steve Bruce, despite an incredible and heroic display by Hull City (in which there wouldn’t have been too many complaints if they’d won).  Actually, its a great time to remind ourselves that numbers / data rarely tell the full story as if we could take Hull Citys’ actual display into account he’d have gained an extra 4 million points.  Or is that me being biased?

Now for the table in its purest form:


(click for interactive detail)

Mark Hughes jumps right to the top of the table (at least alphabetically) with 54 points, level with Manuel Pellegrini.  After only gaining 2 points in the first week he has now won 26 points for two weeks running.  His win against a team in Group 2 (West Ham) netted him 8 win points alone.  Rodgers isn’t far behind though and is living up to his reputation as a first class manager.

Sadly, Steve Clarke props up the table with only 10 points, 44 points adrift from the top.  However, the table can change very quickly, we’ll just have to wait until the international break is over before we see if it does.

Finally, for those that like to see the numbers, here we go:


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