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EPL Manager Index Week 4 | Villas Boas, Moyes & Laudrup impress

Whilst a lot of the media discussion from Week 4 of the Premier League has revolved around boring games, the low level of goals scored so far, and even the amount of time that the ball is actually in play, it’s actually been a very busy weekend for the Manager Impact Index with Villas Boas, David Moyes and Michael Laudrup being the stand out performers this week.


A total of 239 points were earned by the EPL managers this week, compared with 203 in week 3, and 211 in week 2.  Coincidentally, 239 was also the figure for the first week of this season.

The weekly breakdown of points, by Manager, is as follows:

(Click for interactive view)

This weeks biggest winners were AVB and David Moyes, both gaining 24 points apiece, with Laudrups 2-2 draw with Liverpool gaining him 23 points, whilst Brendan Rodgers only gained 5 points for the same result.

No managers ended up with minus points this week, although Mourinho, Hughton and Holloway tried their best, gaining zero points.

This was the first week that Manuel Pellegrini’s substitution impacts haven’t earned him any points; however, Di Canio has earned points from subs for two weeks running and both Clarke and Pardew got their first points from substitution impact (Morrisons assist and Gouffran’s goal).

Is there a good (lucky) time to make a change?  Of the 13 substitute impacts so far this season, 5 have come from substitutions made immediately after half time and 5 have come from substitutions made in the 62nd or 63rd minute.

Only 7 of the 20 Managers have used substitutions to any positive effect so far, Brendan Rodgers stands alone as making the least amount of subs (8) so far this season.

The Table

(Click for detail)
(Click for detail)

David Moyes jumps back to the top of the table after dropping to 4th last week.  Interestingly, none of Moyes’ points have come from winning games, and only 1 point is from drawing a game.  The points are being earned from being consistent in both the 1st half and 2nd half.

Mark Hughes only drops 1 place to number 2, outperforming my expectations and (more than likely) the expectations of the Stoke fans too.

The highest climber overall is Alan Pardew, climbing 8 places from last weeks 18th place.  His main points gained coming from Newcastle’s 1st half performance and Gouffran’s impact.

Steve Clarke retains his position at the bottom of the table, despite earning 20 points this week.  The biggest drop is Chris Hughton who has fallen 7 places to 18th.

The table below contains the numbers in detail:


Four games is still extremely early to make judgements on Managers Impacts, however, its quite heartening to see 2 Managers whose teams were expected to struggle doing well, and outperforming some of their more highly rated competitors.

Andy Smith
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