Manager Impact Index Week 6 | Wenger to top | Rodgers & Moyes fall

Manager Impact Index Week 6 | Wenger to top | Rodgers & Moyes fall

Another week of big points and low points (see what I did?) in the Manager Impact Index.  We had another entry into The 30 Club, and because we now have 2 managers who have earned minus points in a week, we can start up The Negative Collective.  And here they are:

Negative Collective

That’s right, Moyes becomes only the 2nd manager to score minus points in a week.  Big Sam is the man though, collecting minus points in 2 separate weeks.  Moyes’ minus points come as a result of gaining -4 points for losing to West Brom and only supplementing that with 2 additional points for keeping a first half clean sheet.  All in all it wasn’t a great week for Moyes, particularly when you consider that he got zero points in Week 5, meaning a net figure for the last 2 weeks of -2 points.


The EPL star performer of the week is Malky Mackay, earning points for the first goal in both halves, beating a manager from a higher group and having an impact with a goal from substitute Jordan Mutch.  The 32 points mean that he gets to join The 30 Club, albeit as the lowest 30+ scorer so far.  No-one else joins The 30 Club this week.

This week there were more managers in double figures than ever before (12), however there was an overall drop in the weekly points total to 259, down 18 points from last week.  This is still the 2nd highest scoring week though.

There were no managers on zero points, apart from Di Canio (and unless he gets another Premier League job its going to stay that way).

Here are the weekly scores for Week 6:

Weekly Points

As well as Mackay, Steve Clarke, Jose Mourinho, Paul Lambert, Chris Hughton and Steve Bruce performed well, all scoring over 20 points.  Conversely, Holloway, Hughes, Jol and Pellegrini all struggled.

The average points per week so far are as follows:

Average Points

(Click for interactive detail)

When Di Canio was let go by Sunderland he was on 7 points (average), currently Holloway has 6 points whilst Both Jol and Allardyce are on 7 points.  Does this mean they may be the next to go?

I thought it worthwhile to take a look at how the managers are currenly performing v their clubs predicted finish.  Again I am using the Bloomberg Sports Prediction Table for this.

Bloomberg EPL Prediction

The current situation looks like this:


The difference in gap between the Week 6 block and the Bloomberg blue line shows who is over/under performing.

Steve Bruce is the clear leader in terms of over performing at the moment, currently fighting 16 places above his weight.  Second is Steve Clarke with a 10 place variance.  The biggest strugglers are Moyes and Mourinho, both under performing by 10 places.  Chris Hughton and Andre Villas-Boas are both performing exactly as expected.

As a side note, an interesting thing occurred on Monday night as a result of the Everton v Newcastle match (3-2) to Everton.  Whilst Everton won and Roberto Martinez gained 16 points, Alan Pardew actually gained more points (17) despite being beat.  This happened because Pardew won the 2nd half, with a 2nd half clean sheet and the first goal scored in the 2nd half.  On top of that he also gained 5 points for bringing on Cabaye whose introduction, and subsequent goal, was the essence of a manager impact.

Week 6 Table

Week 6 Table

Arsene Wenger takes the place at the top of the table at the expense of Michael Laudrup who drops one place to number 2 (which is pretty good as Laudrup only gained 7 points this week).

Pellegrini drops out of the top 4 for the first time as the two Steves (Bruce and Clarke) keep climbing, Bruce up to 3rd and Clarke up to 4th.

Holloways woes get deeper as he drops another place to 19th with Sam Allardyce only 1 place (and 1 point) ahead of him.  David Moyes drops the furthest, losing 5 places into 13th position.

Brendan Rodgers maintains his position as the manager most suspicious of substitutes.  Out of a possible 18 subs so far, Rodgers has made 12 changes, again only using 1 sub this weekend.  Unsurprisingly, he hasn’t had a single substitute impact so far this season.  But, then again neither has Arsene Wenger.  But, then again neither has Sam Allardyce…..

The overall figures are below.  Don’t forget to comment or tweet me at @trigsmith.

Week 6 Main Table

Have a great week.