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Mesut Özil | Player Performance Analysis

Many people question whether foreign imports can adapt to the English Premier League however Mesut Özil is proving to us that he can fit straight in. With Özil being Arsenal’s only big name summer signing a lot of fans were calling for the head of Arsene Wenger. Wenger has shut most of the Arsenal fans up with the performances of his team this year especially Özil.


Özil is one of the best players to keep the ball in the Premier League this year, with performances such as Saturday’s game where he made almost 1 pass every minute, making the most forward passes that he has made all year which is 31% of all his passes in the game. Özil was very accurate with his passes in his own half where he completed 100%, but as he moved into the Liverpool half he was still impressive completing 84% of his passes.

The German international was slightly disappointing with his clear cut chance creation as he didn’t create any clear cut chances in the whole game. Özil lacked spark where he could get a decent cross in to the box, opportunities which other Arsenal player’s would latch on to and finish the play with a goal. This is the first time he has lacked in this department as in other games as he is normally incredibly consistent when it comes to cutting the opposition open, too, creating a chance on goal every 25 minutes.

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Aaron Ramsey and Mesut Özil have formed a good partnership and it was especially rewarding in the Liverpool fixture as they completed the most passes as a duo in the game, 16 passes each (32 combined) which where all completed and included an assist; this is not the first time they have combined well, they also completed 32 passes in their game against Crystal Palace. Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 23.42.50

Özil is up in the top 4 of the top creativity table, proving he is doing the job that Arsene Wenger wants him to do. Wenger expects him to set the strikers up on a plate so they can finish the play and score a goal, which Özil has been doing successfully  as he has made 4 assists which is the joint highest in the league with Aguero, Giroud, Ramsey and Kevin Mirallas.

Özil has a good minutes per chance created ratio of 27.64 minutes, this is one of the best in the league meaning that the Arsenal strikers have more opportunities to score than most other teams as Özil is providing good service to his team mates. Özil has the best passing zone stats which makes him the best player when it comes to passing in the final third.

Mesut Özil is proving his nerve in front of goal, as in the first 10 games of the season he hasn’t hit a shot off target but his shot to goal conversion rate is poor and is only 20% only scoring the two goals in 10 games.

In my opinion Özil is proving worth of his £40 million price tag as he is fitting in well into his new club and seems to have settled into the intensity of the Premier League and it looks like Arsene Wenger has chosen the right player who likes to play the classy Arsenal way and pass the ball about to kill teams off and then punish them when they get into the final third. In the Liverpool game, the Arsenal midfield killed Liverpool off as Gerrard and Lucas were non-existent compared to the Arsenal midfield. If Özil scores a few more goals and gets his chance conversion rate up then I’m sure he will be one of the best players in the Premier League this year.

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