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EPL Manager Index – The Update | Wenger still top, Pochettino 2nd!

Due to work and family commitments I haven’t been able to provide the Week 9, 10, and 11 updates to the Manager Impact Index, however, I’M BACK!  Of course, the beauty of a long break is that there could potentially be some huge changes in the scores and therefore huge movement in the table.


Lets have a look at the highlights and headlines over the last 3 weeks:


Crystal Palace don’t have a manager anymore after letting Ian Holloway ‘resign’.  They seem to be taking a long time to find a new manager, although as I write this they are in ‘advanced’ talks with Tony Pulis.  It seems to me that the season is over already and they need to be looking for a manager who would be the best option to get them straight out of the Championship and back into the Premier League.  Erm….that would be Ian Holloway wouldn’t it?

What am I saying though???  The season isn’t over yet and Gus Poyet seems to have had a remarkable impact since he joined Sunderland, leading them off the bottom and propelling them into 19th place!  In actual fact, only 9 other managers have scored more Index points than Poyet since he started at Sunderland so I would imagine their fans are feeling very pleased.


At the other end of the scale, David Moyes is in the throes of proving his doubters wrong, amassing the most number of points in the last 3 weeks.  Surprisingly, Wenger isn’t 2nd.  Or 3rd.  Those positions go to Clarke and Pardew respectively with the majority of their points being gained in the last 2 weeks.  And then comes Arsene.

Overall the total points earned over each of the last 3 weeks has been poor although they obviously don’t include the points that the Crystal Palace manager would have earned….

Picture1Week 10 was actually the worst week so far for managers scoring zero or less than zero, with 6 scoring zero and 1 scoring -4, the lowest score to date.  We’ll find out who that is shortly.

The average weekly score for a manager remains at 12 points (12.02 to be precise), and each Managers’ average is shown below:


The excellent site The Sack Race (www.thesackrace.com) has Martin Jol as the most likely manager to be sacked next, and they’re probably right, but according to the average Index scores, Sam Allardyce is the manager who is underperforming the most.


Of course, as a West Ham manager, a 3-0 away win at Spurs does wonders for your stability rating.  How long will the goodwill last though?

Even Chris Hughton is below Jol in the average table and he will be just as likely to get the push next, maybe even moreso as Fulham have just brought in a key member of Sir Alex Ferguson’s backroom staff, Rene Meulensteen, to support Jol. Meulensteen is extremely highly regarded in the football world and his appointment could be a masterstroke.  Alternatively he may just have been brought in with a view to take over from Jol in the next few weeks.  Time will tell.

Start up the trumpets now, it’s The 30 Club time.  This is an exclusive members-only club that is by invite only to those managers who score 30 or more points in a single week.

2 new managers have joined The 30 Club, one from Week 10 and one from Week 11.  As they are both included in this update we’ll award them a star each:


That means The 30 Club is turning into quite a party with 8 members now.

Of course, no-one wants to join the Negative Collective, the group of managers who have scored minus points in any week.

Only 2 managers have scored minus points in the past 3 weeks.  Laudrup scored -4 for the defeat to Cardiff, however, as he’s already in the Negative Collective  (-2 in Week 7) lets focus on the new group member.


Hello Manuel, come in, take a seat.  Don’t cry.

Pellegrini becomes only the second manager, after David Moyes, to have membership of both clubs.  He scores -2 points for the 1-0 defeat to Sunderland and to be honest is lucky to get away with that!

Substitution Impact Update

Here we are at Week 11 and there are still 3 managers yet to record a single impact by a substitute.

(Click for detail)

The 3 with zero impacts are Hughton, Allardyce and Brendan Rodgers.  There is an argument that they have used fewer subs than most, however that argument really doesn’t hold water when you realise that Poyet, Lambert and Laudrup have all used at least as few subs and have had at least 1 impact.

The 2 simplest explanations are either that the substitutes being used just aren’t good enough to have an impact or that the wrong subs are being used.  A third view might be that there is no desire to get impact from subs.

The Manager Impact Index Table


The above table shows movement in the Impact Index over the last 4 weeks.

David Moyes is on a sustained push towards the top of the table whilst Andre Villas-Boas is heading in the opposite direction.  The top 3 from 4 weeks ago are still the top 3 now, albeit having moved around a little inbetween.

There is a definite breakaway in the bottom 3 although, having done a projection using the weekly averages, Poyet could be off the bottom in 6 weeks.  In fact, if the averages are a measure to go by, the Index at the end of the season will look like this:


Go on Brucey!

There we have it, the MII update.  I will be back to a weekly update as of now so come back next week to see what the weekend has done to the scores.

The overall table is below:


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