Sergio Aguero Vs Luis Suarez | Who is the better striker? Info-Graphic & Stats


A lot of our followers have been requesting an analysis on Sergio Aguero and Luis Suarez so far this season. Both of these players have been in sublime form so far this season with their goals and overall playing being key to their sides successes so far.

Whilst we haven’t had time for a full analysis we feel that their numbers speak for themselves and below you’ll find an info-graphic and then full in-depth stats comparing both players! Why not leave us a comment below telling us which one you feel is the better all-round striker!?

Aguero Vs Suarez

Aguero Vs Suarez Attacking Stats

Some amazing attacking and goal scoring stats from either player shown in the image above. Below you’ll find further in-depth stats from our stats centre.

Aguero Vs Suarez - Attack

Aguero Vs Suarez - Goal Scoring

Aguero Vs Suarez Creativity Stats

A creativity comparison is below which indicates that Suarez is the far more creative out of the two.

Aguero - CreativitySuarez - Creativity


Aguero Vs Suarez Possession Stats

Whilst Sergio Aguero loses possession less than Suarez – it is the Uruguayan that wins the ball back more often for his side.

Aguero - Possession Suarez - Possession

Which is the Better? You decide!

So which striker is the best in the Premier League? Are they the best TWO in the World? Why not drop a comment and let us know what you think?

In our opinion you’ll find it difficult to find two better out and out strikers right now than Sergio Aguero and Luis Suarez.



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