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Mourinho warns of City dominance

Speaking ahead of his team’s title showdown against Manchester City, Jose Mourinho has said that unless Financial Fair Play is brought in, he can see no way that any team can compete with Manchester City.

Mourinho has made numerous references regarding Manchester City’s spending during this era of Financial Fair Play and he spoke out again , saying “If they (football’s authorities) want to make it impossible to compete with City, it’s impossible,” he said.

“Chelsea are not competing outside what is important for us, the ‘fair’ Financial Fair Play.

“We are working, thinking and believing that Financial Fair Play is going to be in practice.

“So there are things that are impossible for us (to do).”

It is slightly ironic that Mourinho would be against a team spending considerable amounts of money on new players and facilities given that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich did exactly the same when he bought Chelsea.

However, Mourinho is quick to explain that there is a difference, saying “it was a free world“.

There was no Financial Fair Play. If your club was a rich one, your owner a rich one, there were no rules. It was an open situation.”

As always, these comments are classic Mourinho, deflecting the topic of conversation away from his team’s lacklustre performance last time out against West Ham and also planting the seeds of excuses if his team comes second best against Manchester City this evening.

Personally, I think Chelsea will be the first team to walk away from The Etihad with a point later tonight.

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