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Everton V Liverpool | Stat Analysis

I believe most neutrals who watched the Liverpool – Everton game would claim the result was for the most part decided once Rodwell was shown the red card. As a Liverpool fan, I believe it played a big part.

The following are some of the select stats as they relate to the team.


Liverpool’s defence generally looked solid for much of the game. While they did have some mistakes, they did not look as shaky as they have seemed during certain games this season.

– Liverpool won 56% of their ground 50-50s on the day. They generally maintained their average of 55% for the season thus far. That 1% however does show that players were more than likely to try harder to win balls.

  • There was a notable increase in their aerial 50-50 success %. Our season average marks in at 58% so far. However, Liverpool managed a 7% increase to total out at 65% for their game against Everton.
  • The one area where Liverpool’s stats fell this week was their tackle success percentage. They fell from 76% for the season so far to about 53%. Furthermore, they only managed a tackle every 5.5 minutes in comparison to their season average of 5.
  • Liverpool’s average interceptions per game fell from a close to 11/game to about 6/game.
  • In comparison to their season average of 8 minutes, Liverpool’s defence lost possession every 8.5 minutes.


So, the stats suggest Liverpool did rather well in defence. They generally upped our stats in most areas. The loss of one of their midfielders meant they didn’t have the ability to attack as much.

Liverpool’s tackle percentage and numbers fell in comparison to their season average. I attribute a part of that to their luck and carelessness with cards so far. I believe they were trying to keep composure and not over compensate this week.

The lack of Everton’s attacking threat also meant that Liverpool had fewer interceptions as well as tackles to make at the back. Considering their possession stats were higher as well, it makes sense to assume the defence wasn’t as troubled and as such, some of the stats scored better than their season averages.

With that said, it’s not like Everton quit attacking altogether. As such, Liverpool were solid at the back. Liverpool, for once this season, did not make major defensive errors, didn’t lose possession too many times and won a lot of our 50-50s.


I believe Liverpool’s midfield did well to break up play and keep possession. However, I also believe they weren’t as creative as a lot of us would like. Let’s see what some of the stats say :

  • Liverpool’s passing, as a result of their possession for one, was great. They completed 81.41% of their passes which eclipsed their season average of 76.6%.
  • Their open play passing rose 6% from 79% to 85%.
  • Liverpool’s percentage of forward passes fell from around 55% to 52%. However, so did their backward pass %. The right side saw an increase from 22% to 27% for this game in comparison to their season average.
  • Liverpool’s crossing accuracy fell from a season average of 24% to 16%.
  • Liverpool created a total of 11 chances with a chance created every 8.5 minutes. Their season average sees them create a chance every 7.78 minutes. So a drop in this stat.

Analysis : Liverpool had an extra player on the field. As such, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they had better possession and as a result, more space to make passes. Liverpool’s passing accuracy and ability to hold on to the ball was better than their season averages. As mentioned in the opening note of this section though, Liverpool weren’t very creative.

Due to the nature of the derby, possession is lost easily. Football during this particular derby isn’t always the prettiest. The drop in Liverpool’s forward passing was notable. They seemed to have a plan to keep possession. Pass and move. As such, they had more than usual passes across the line. (Side passes) Something else of note about this is that Kuyt probably saw a lot of the ball.

Liverpool’s crossing accuracy fell quite drastically in comparison to their average as well. However, with the physical nature of this game, it is expected that Liverpool don’t get on the end of all crosses.

Even with a player down, Liverpool still didn’t meet our season average stats of chance creation. That is down to the lack of creativity in my opinion.


Felt Liverpool didn’t have their usual round of service for this one. However, they did take their chances.

  • Liverpool scored 2 goals. Based on the stats for this game in particular, that rounded out to a goal every 47 minutes. Liverpool’s season average stands at a goal every 83 minutes.
  • Liverpool had 6 shots on target and 6 off target and a shooting accuracy of 50%. In comparison to their season stats, they were 9% better in terms of shooting accuracy.
  • We maintained our average of a shot every 7.8 minutes. (Average of 8 minutes)
  • Our chance conversion shot up from 10% for the season to about 17% for this game.

Analysis : Liverpool were not very creative in the middle of the park. With that said, unlike previous games, they converted some necessary chances. This would have increased had Dirk converted his penalty successfully. The stats for the season suggests that Liverpool generally managed to score a goal a game. So 2 in this game is a definite improvement. We couldn’t see a major improvement in the time it took for shots probably because our chance creation didn’t see much of an improvement either.

Final Words

Liverpool played well. However, they have some areas where improvements are needed. The defence over the last couple of games definitely looks a little more solid. I believe consistency in the starting line up will make Liverpool better.

Liverpool need to create more chances. Even though the opposition were down a player, Liverpool still couldn’t match their chance creation of their season averages. Furthermore, their crossing accuracy wasn’t great either. Liverpool passed to the right more in comparison to the left. That means the likes of Downing are probably not getting as many touches of the ball in comparison to Kuyt. They need to more balance and consistency. Liverpool also need to be able to take advantage of several avenues of play.

Liverpool were more efficient in front of goal this weekend. They also had more shots on goal in comparison to their season stats averages, but Liverpool still lie behind the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, United, City and Tottenham in terms of chance conversion.

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