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Suarez vs Aguero | Stats Comparison of Season So Far

There’s no doubt that Suarez and Aguero are the top two strikers in the premier league, but a lot of people argue as to who really is the top dog. This isn’t the first time the two South American strikers have been compared, and it certainly won’t be the last. But based on the stats, we will see who really has been better this season so far.


Both have missed their fair share of games this season; Suarez due to bans, and Aguero due to injuries, but when they have played, both have produced world class displays and goal scoring master classes, although, the latter has missed more game time, only playing 1199 minutes (15 starts, 2 subs appearances) whereas the Uruguayan has played 1884 minutes (21 appearances).

In order to make this comparison fair, the percentage and minutes per statistics will be used to analyse their performances, as this will give us averages from the time they have spent on the pitch.



Out of the two, Suarez has been the more creative this season, which is a surprise to many who label him as a greedy player, creating a chance 12 minutes more often than Aguero, and a clear cut chance 112 minutes more often than the City forward.

Aguero chalked up a crossing accuracy of 21%, however, the Uruguayan was more successful when crossing, finding a fellow Liverpool player 34% of the time. Suarez has put an accurate cross in every 94 minutes compared to Aguero who put in an accurate cross every 300 minutes.

Suarez has attempted a dribble every 12 minutes this season, while Aguero has attempted a dribble every 17 minutes, with 40% of Suarez’s dribbles, and 38% of Aguero’s dribbles being successful. While Suarez has made 3 more assists than Aguero, stats show that he in fact makes an assist every 236 minutes compared to Aguero makes an assist every 240 minutes.

Possession and Passing


Both players are similar when it comes to possession. Aguero keeps the ball more often, losing the ball every 6 minutes compared to Suarez, who loses the ball more regularly, every 4 minutes; however, Suarez does win the ball back 5 minutes more often than Aguero.


Aguero seems to have better passing stats than Suarez, making 0.31 passes per minute compared to Suarez’s 0.43, and has a passing completion rate of 84%, almost 10% more accurate than the Liverpool striker’s 75% from open play.

Although, out of their total open play passes, Suarez has played 28% forward, 7% more than Aguero. But this is more down to the tactics of the team and roles of the player; Suarez playing a bit more in the free role rather than playing on the last man like Aguero.

Aguero has been more reliable on the ball when in the final third, completing 81% of passes as opposed to Suarez who has only managed to complete 69%.



At the end of the day, both these players are strikers, and what are strikers in the team to do? Score goals! Suarez has scored more goals this season but this is because he has played more games, but Aguero scores more often, scoring 2 minutes more often than the Reds’ number 7. Therefore, if they had both played the same amount of games they would have the same amount of goals, based upon the stats.

Suarez takes a shot 3 minutes more often than the Argentinian; however they are equal when it comes to shots on target, taking one every 34 minutes. The accuracy of their shots differ; Aguero with a shot accuracy of 60% and Suarez with a shot accuracy of 57%.

Aguero has converted 26% of his chances, Suarez converted 24% of his chances, but there is a significant difference when a clear cut chance has been converted, Suarez converting over half of his clear cut chances, Aguero with 40%.

The Final Whistle…

It is easy to see why the strikers are two of the world’s best, with impressive attacking displays further backed up by statistics. They have also shown that they are reliable in possession and are very creative.

Both are very valuable to their teams; Suarez is the main man in Liverpool’s attack and general all round gameplay as he is their key man and superstar. Aguero is Man City’s main striker and attacking threat, scoring goals left, right and centre.

Looking at the stats, Suarez is more creative than Aguero; however Aguero is more clinical and accurate in front of goal. When in possession, Suarez loses the ball more often but also wins the ball more often too. This is down to Aguero being a better passer of the ball, statistically speaking.

Overall, both are pretty equal and there is hardly any difference between the two, if any. Both are their team’s star men, and one thing is for sure, both will be picked for their International World Cup squads if they can avoid injury.

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