Darren Bent | Answer for Euro 2012?

Darren Bent | Answer for Euro 2012?

Can Darren Bent become England’s main man?

With England fans and players in shock with Wayne Rooney getting the worst possible news with a 3 game ban at Euro 2012, Darren Bent has the opportunity to become England’s number one striker and main man.

Comparably this season Wayne Rooney has had a better season by means of goals scored, with a ratio of 1 goal per game, with Bent scoring 1 in 2.

As shown above, Darren Bent has proved more deadly in front of goal by converting more of his chances and hitting the target more. With all due respect to Aston Villa they do not possess the creativity the Manchester United team do, with Rooney having more shots than Bent this season, albeit putting away at a less conversion rate, but with more chances he does have more goals.

But interesting their England records compare very similarly…

Wayne Rooney 15 in 46
Darren Bent 4 in 11

Wayne Rooney 1 every 3 games
Darren Bent 1 every 2.75 games

In fact Bent’s record is better, but obviously Rooney offers more than just goals. Although Rooney’s record in the last 2 tournament’s isn’t favourable…

Games 8
Goals 0
Shots 7

Let’s be honest, England have lacked a real goalscorer since Micheal Owen entered the international wilderness. A player who could be totally out of a game but always able to get goals. Where Rooney has too often been the opposite.

If Darren Bent can hit at least 15 goals for Aston Villa this season it will help his cause and can start the tournament on a high. He has 5 so far this season, in 10 games, which Is not too bad on the whole, at this rate he should be getting 19 goals, anything above 20 would be fantastic for the club and him personally.

With the recent squad announcement for the friendlies v Spain and Sweden in mind I have decided to compare the other 4 strikers in the squad, along with Bent. Although Rooney isn’t in the squad I have left him in the comparison table, as he will definitely go to the European Championships.

As shown, Bent still leads the way by means of the best conversion rate and is still second behind Rooney on goals, joint with the other Aston Villa man Gabby Agbonlahor.

Surely when the time comes and Bent is in the squad come the summer of 2012 we want to see someone being clinical in front of goal. Rooney gets the goals, but won’t have the creativity of Nani and others to give him several chances. Bent has had less shots than all the strikers, but is clinical.

Give him a chance at Euro 2012 and, as I’ve shown, he will score goals.