EPL Prediction Model: Arsenal to draw, Everton & Man City to win

EPL Prediction Model: Arsenal to draw, Everton & Man City to win

We’re back with a quick mini update on the mid-week games and then I’ll recap the weekend properly on Friday. That easy Liverpool win we predicted didn’t look so wild for the first 20 minutes!

Premier League Predictor Results

Little teaser… on current stats, the model doesn’t fancy Chelsea’s chances at Anfield. We’ll have to wait for a couple more weeks’ data and the expected starting line-ups before publishing those percentages though.

Here’s a re-run of Arsenal vs. West Ham using updated starting line up predictions from Fantasy Football Scout, plus tomorrow’s two games.

15-4 midweek

Arsenal’s injury list has their game with West Ham tipping from a home win prediction into a draw (odds over 27%). It should be two straightforward home wins for Everton and Manchester City on Wednesday night, although this current version of the EPL Model can’t account as well as I’d like for Crystal Palace’s improved form under Pulis.

Here are the possession and shooting stats:

15-4 midweek detailed

And the model’s predictions:

Arsenal v West Ham United – Draw
Everton v Crystal Palace – Home win
Manchester City v Sunderland – Home win