Man City Breach FFP Regulations


Manchester City are facing sanctions from Europe’s governing football body Uefa having broken the rules of their financial fair play policy. Uefa are understood to have offered settlements to less than 20 clubs, which includes City and French side Paris Saint-Germain, and clubs have until Thursday to respond ahead of a scheduled meeting.

Man City now must decide whether or not to accept the punishment, or attempt and negotiate a lesser sanction from Uefa. The highest possible punishment is exclusion from European competition, but it is believed this is not a threat to Manchester City at this time. City could, however, face squad limitation rules or wage caps, perhaps even some form of transfer ban as was issued to FC Barcelona.

PSG are under heavy scrutiny by wiping their losses through a humongous back-dated sponsorship deal with Qatar Tourist Authority. Questions will be asked of the value and credentials of the sponsorship.

FFP limits a club’s losses to £37million over the last two years, but City’s losses amass to almost £150 million: little over four times City’s figure.

Clubs such as Liverpool and Monaco who also breach this figure are excluded due to lack of European competition, but City’s lavish squad (the most expensive in football) severely breaks these limits, and may lead to ramifications in the future.

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