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Welbeck Rebuffs Moyes Criticism

England international and Manchester United forward, Danny Welbeck, has hit back at former manager David Moyes’ criticisms of his work ethic in training. Welbeck, who hopes to be a key feature in Roy Hodgson’s Summer plans in Brazil, says he is surprised at what the former Everton boss had to say about him back in December.

“We had a word with Welbeck about a month ago and we said that he needs to be the last off the training field.

“Wayne Rooney’s out there practising his finishing each day. I said: ‘Danny, you need to be out there every day finishing, even if it’s 15 minutes at the end’.”

Welbeck says he was doing extra training under the Scot, but believes he may not have seen it.

“I’ve grown up at Manchester United and been professional all through my career and I always do extra work,” he said.

“It’s born and bred in me to do extra work after training and maybe he wasn’t seeing that extra stuff. I was doing extras in the gym and on the pitch.”

United will hope that Welbeck flourishes under new boss Louis Va Gaal, as they look to get back into the Champions League next season.

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