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New to betting? FanBet may be for you!

If you have never placed a bet at an online Bookmaker or don’t know how it works, FanBet may be the solution for you.


This new concept in football betting – only features Premier League for now – provides a training ground or cheat sheet of sorts for inexperienced bettors. You can play the weekly betting game for free with a 5,000 bankroll and place bets on Premier League games in a simulated betting environment. The top 10 bettors at the end of the week share the cash prizes. In 2014/15 there is a total prize pool of £10,000, that’s not chump change.

In addition to getting your training wheels in the betting game, you can go a step further and copy the bets of top players, thus improving your chances of winning real money at Bookmakers, when you are ready to take the next step.

The official launch of the new FanBet site is only in August, but signup today to secure a good username before the good ones are taken.

Visit FanBet.com for more information and to sign up.

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