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Can’t score, won’t score | Wigan Athletic

Eleven games into Wigan Athletics 7th season in the English Premier League, 1 game won, 2 games drawn and 8 games lost. It makes pretty grim viewing for all Latics fans. Our current stint in the Premier League is on the verge of coming to an abrupt, slightly embarrassing conclusion with the possibility of being completely out of the survival frame and cut adrift at the bottom of the ‘Best League in the World’ by the season of good will.

So were has it all gone wrong for Wigan? Apart from the obvious 8 game losing streak, the number of goals we have scored is poor and our defence is conceding sloppy goals. We garner praise from the pundits and experts for Roberto Martinez’s philosophy of playing football on the ground, with neat build up play and utilising all the players on the pitch, yet we rarely have more than one, at a push two people in the final third, and when we do push up the quality is lacking to put the ball in the back of the net.

Organisation at the back is lacking, and as Alan Hansen always states, dog leg defending is asking for trouble. This coupled with sloppy misplaced passes, and an inability to clear our lines chance after chance invites the opposition on and will always have a negative affect on our goals against tally.

Martinez will need to find some goals and organisation to mastermind another great escape.

Probably the most telling and worrying piece of information is that had it been last season, Wigan would have gained 3 points from Wolves (A), 1 point from Fulham (H),  1 point from Newcastle (A), 1 point from Bolton (H), 1 point from Villa (A), 1 point from Spurs (H) and 1 point from Everton (A), totalling 9 points. 9 points would have had us rock bottom and relegated last season in, on paper, a more competitive relegation scrap.

Wigan’s only hope is that the promoted sides, get found out and lose their continued momentum come mid December/January, as we have seen so often in times past, although that would make not an ounce of difference if we don’t find those elusive W’s before we play Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and United in the run up to Christmas.

Worrying times.

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