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Everton Striker Target Analysis | Danny Welbeck or Samuel Eto’o

In less than a weeks time, the Transfer Window will shut and all clubs will no longer be aloud to sign anyone (and will end rubbish transfer rumours from tabloid newspapers)! There is still time however, and there are still issues with the Everton squad. Despite the signing of Romelu Lukaku, a back-up striker is needed and Roberto Martinez hasn’t ruled out any deal towards the end of the window. There are two players who are being linked with a move to Everton. Danny Welbeck and Samuel Eto’o. So who to go for?


 Who are Danny Welbeck and Samuel Eto’o?

Danny Welbeck is a young 23-year-old striker who is playing for Manchester United. The England international can play up-front and left-midfield, so he will give Everton options in both positions. He has been at Manchester United since 2008, playing 90 games and scoring 20 goals. He has also been out on loan at Preston North End and Sunderland.

Samuel Eto’o has been recognised as one of Africa’s best ever players. He had 5 years at FC Barcelona, playing 145 games and scoring 108 goals whilst playing for the Spanish giants. He also played for Internazionale, playing 67 games and scoring 33 goals. He has recently been released from Chelsea, playing 21 games and scoring 9 goals last season.

Style of Play

Danny Welbeck isn’t as skilled as some other strikers in the Premier League, however Danny Welbeck is a good finisher and if the chance comes he will pounce. He is also a good at getting back in defence, which is key if he is playing in a left-mid to go back and help Leighton Baines defend. He has no significant weaknesses, which is good news. He also likes to layoff, likes to cut inside and also play short passes, which is a must in a Roberto Martinez side.


Samuel Eto’o isn’t the striker he was 5 years but is still a top striker for his age.  He knows what to do with the ball and is a very good dribbler. He can also finish, which is important for any striker. He also doesn’t have any significant weaknesses, although he can be wrestled of the ball very easily.


What can the two strikers provide?

I think Danny Welbeck is underrated, but his performances for England and a few performances for Manchester United have left people judge him on the odd poor game. Danny Welbeck is underrated in my opinion, he gets back and defends very much. He also has a great work rate, and can make some great passes to create chances. He can also finish which is key, his goal against Swansea City shows his quality.

Samuel Eto’o is a great striker and makes constant runs through the defence. He is rarely offside and times runs to perfection at some points. His shot is still there from the Barca days, goals against Manchester United and Schalke support this. He hasn’t slowed down either, he is still fast and can still score top goals. What I also like about him is that he can close down goalkeepers and score goals from nothing, which is shown against Schalke and Cardiff City.


Financially – Would the deals pay off?

Danny Welbeck is priced around £10m, which is a lot for Everton. The signing of Romelu Lukaku and Muhamed Besic prove that Everton do have the money, and that the Toffees can pull the money out if needed. Is Danny Welbeck a £10 million player? For me, I think we can get him cheaper or even a loan deal which Everton would prefer. A lot of money would have to go in if Danny Welbeck is to sign permanently.

As for Samuel Eto’o, the good news is is that Everton wouldn’t need to pay any club any money… which is great, however Samuel Eto’o’s wages are high. Back in 2011, Samuel Eto’o was the world’s highest paid footballer when signings for Anzhi Makhackala. His wages earned him 60p per second, £36 per minute, £362,880 per week and £17,418,240 per year. Paying £17m for a 33-year-old is outrageous. If he is going to join Roberto Martinez at Everton, he would have to have a huge pay-cut.

The Statistics 


Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 17.04.42

Danny Welbeck made more passes than Samuel Eto’o in last season’s Premier League, but overall Eto’o was better than Welbeck. He has created more chances, made more key passes, has more assists and has a longer passes than the Englishman.


Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 17.22.40

The most important thing for any striker is that they can score goals (obviously), no matter how you score them you must be a capable of scoring regularly. Danny Welbeck and Samuel Eto’o both scored 9 goals last season, all where inside the area apart from one against Manchester United, Eto’o scoring it.


Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 17.30.30

Samuel Eto’o had more shots than Danny Welbeck last season. What surprises me is the amount of shots from outside the area. Welbeck has had just 6 last season, with a 53% shot accuracy.

Conclusion – Who would you choose?

I think both players have the potential to succeed at Goodison Park. There are strengths and weaknesses with both players, but choosing one is difficult. I think Danny Welbeck would be the better choice for Roberto Martinez. He is younger and can be deadly in the final third. Samuel Eto’o is a great striker though, he is a ‘old but gold’ type-player. Who would you choose?

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