How to make money on the Premier League

How to make money on the Premier League

How to make money on the Premier League

 The Premier League consists of twenty teams battling to collect the most amount of points to become the league champion over 38 rounds of football each and every season and with their being 380 matches played between August and May there is ample opportunity for gamblers to make money via .

The online gambling industry has exploded in recent years with an almost countless amount of online sportsbooks offering hundreds of betting markets on each and every Premier League match in a number of different styles. Each of these styles, such as’s own and its option of wagering against other gamblers, Betfair’s cash out option or the numerous wagering against the house online bookmakers, offers a unique way of making money on Premier League but what are the key pointers to ensuring that you are on the winning side of the legal online gambling industry?

  • Research:

This is the most vital part of the online gambling game as knowing the statistics of who you’re betting on and against is a must if you’re going to continually win your bets and turn a pastime or hobby into a profitable industry. There are many places to find statistics on players and teams, with the EPL OPTA Stats section at and the both offering perfect places to research both teams involved.

On top of this, results sites such as and the league’s own, offer detailed histories of head to head matches and recent form guides for both teams and players so you can see who is in form and likely to claim all three points in the next round of matches. Combining the two sets of statistics will certainly give you a clearer picture of who you should bet wagering on and against before you settle on your Premier League bets of the day.

  • Bankroll Management:

Being aware of how much money you have available to bet with and then using this wisely is ultimately how you will survive to make more money when getting involved in the legal online gambling industry. I, personally, have seen so many people set their stake too high and haemorrhage their money away with a combination of bad luck, bad decisions, a lack of research and attempting to chase their losses so being able to and a liberal use of common sense to avoid chasing your losses will aid you in receiving winnings on your Premier League bets.

  •  Luck:

The final part is to have luck on your side as, per Lamar Gillett – the only P-35 pilot in World War II to shoot down a Japanese Zero fighter – “it’s better to be lucky than good.” Ultimately, you could have the best research and bankroll management skills in the world but situations will still go against you when betting on Premier League matches with own goals, injuries and red cards all very likely to go against you on more than one occasion. As a result of this, you’ll certainly need luck on your side on more than one occasion to come through with a winning bet.