New addition to our EPL Stats Centre!

New addition to our EPL Stats Centre!

We’re expanding! Yes we have a brand new section to our subscriber/writer only Stats Centre. The new area is again using Match Stats but this time displaying the stats by players in one table, allowing users to compare player stats all on one page. Our previous Match Stats area has all the stats but you have to search through one player at a time. This area will now save you time and allow you to see all of the stats on one page, hence it’s called the Quick Match Stats section!

You can navigate to the area by clicking on the Quick Match Stats tab at the following link: (Note you must be a subscriber and logged in to get past the page below!)

Once on the tab select and season and a team:

Once the team is selected you will be navigated to a screen that allows you to select a match from the season selected. Once a match has been selected the following screen will appear:

We’ve listened to our subscribers who have said that they’ve found it difficult to collate the stats for players from the same team and wish to compare how players are performing against one another. The design above will allow writers/subscribers to view the players on one screen along with their stats.

There are eight tabs to choose from as shown above. However these tabs will not display every single statistic that is available in our original Match Stats section. We have chosen 8 or 9 of the top stats for each tab so that we could easily fit them into the table. The stats displayed are the most used stats on blogs and articles on the internet and therefore you will find them to suit you blogging needs or just for interest!

As you can see from the screen shot above we have made it easy for you to hide teams with a click of a button. Each tab will also have a key/legend to explain each of the stats in the tables. Any stats highlighted in red are the worst stats in the team and any in cian blue are the best stats in the team. These have been added for you to be able to easily identify which players are performing for certain statistics.

We hope existing subscribers and writers find the new stats area useful.

For those wanting access to this new addition, it is only available on the £3.95 per month or £39.95 annual packages. To view a list of our packages please click here: Subscribe Now!

All of the stats in the Stats Centre are provided by Opta Sports Data.