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Pellegrini Blasts ‘Small Team’ Chelsea

Manuel Pellegrini has blasted Chelsea as a ‘small team’ following their 1-1 draw at the Etihad on Sunday afternoon. The Manchester City boss criticised the Jose Mourinho’s tactics and compared them to that of Stoke City.

“I would not be happy to play that way. Ten players defended their own half, they scored a counter attack and they continued to defend until the end.”

Mourinho has been criticised in the past for being too negative with tactics, although there is no “correct way” to play football. One of the biggest problems many seem to have against the former Porto and Real Madrid manager is that he has fantastic attacking talent, but uses them in a setup that is not based on creativity and flair.

Many opposition managers who are as devastating as Manchester City would want a team to play open football, which would in turn play into their strengths. The Chilean must respect that it is his responsibility to break down all challenges and teams as disciplined defensively as Chelsea, for it does not look as though his counterpart has any interest in changing his team’s style of play.

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