Stats: Ramsey Compared to Yaya, Fabregas and Henderson

Stats: Ramsey Compared to Yaya, Fabregas and Henderson

Aaron Ramsey was one of Arsenal’s star performers last season en route to yet another year with Champions League football and also the Gunners’ first piece of silverware in eight years in the form of the FA Cup. After continuing his good form into the current season, the Welshman was unlucky to pick up a hamstring injury in the North London Derby at the end of September. The setback kept Ramsey out for the best part of three weeks before making a speedy recovery to start the Champions League game against Anderlecht before coming off the bench against Sunderland on the weekend.

Ramsey Compared

Now slowly building up his match fitness again, the 23-year-old will be expected to help his side close the gap with Chelsea at the top of the table as well as helping them progress from the group stage in Europe. Having started off the season brightly however, how has he compared against some of his rivals’ performances in the league and even himself from last season? Has he made improvements? Are his stats better that of his rivals? Let us have a look at the numbers:


Ramsey’s numbers will be compared to players from the other top four teams from last season, which includes Jordan Henderson, Cesc Fabregas and Yaya Toure. Starting off first with the crucial attacking statistics, we can already see that Ramsey has scored more goals than the other three, even after playing 120 minutes less than Toure and over 250 minutes less than Fabregas. That gives Ramsey a goal per 90 mins ratio of 0.35 so far compared to his fantastic ratio of 0.51 from last season.

In terms of chances created and assists thus far, Ramsey has created 16 chances, which is two less than Henderson and 11 less than the Spaniard Fabregas. That being said, he averages 2.79 chances per 90 which is better than last season’s 1.64 and is only behind Fabregas who creates 3.04 chances per 90.

The Welshman has made one assist so far in his eight games whilst Henderson has three and Fabregas has a whopping eight already in his nine matches. That is as many as Ramsey made in the whole of last season so the Welshman will have to do extremely well to catch the Chelsea man in that column this season.


In terms of passing, the Arsenal midfielder averages nearly 87 passes per whole match, which is only bettered by Toure who is close to 100. but easily beats his average for last season so far. Ramsey’s number of successful passes is again higher than that of Henderson and Fabregas with nearly 75 per 90 minutes.

The pass completion percentages are much more closer between all players with Ramsey coming just behind Toure (90%) and Fabregas (89%) but joint with Henderson on 86%.

The amount of key passes indicate the impact the players are having in the danger areas of the pitch and Ramsey comes out with an average of 2.61 key passes per 90 minutes with a total of 15 so far. Fabregas comes the closest with 2.14 key passes per 90 with Ramsey easily beating last season’s figure at the moment (1.23 kp/90).


From the more action-packed statistics that all round midfielders like Ramsey are normally involved in, the 23-year-old has won 41% of his total duels, which is better than both Fabregas and Toure but is around 10% less than Jordan Henderson who is the only player of those mentioned to win over half of his duels (50.82%).

Henderson also has the best aerial duels won percentage with 57% with Ramsey, Fabregas and Toure all with figures of 50%.

Ramsey’s successful take-on stat isn’t good reading so far this season with only 12.5% of his take-ons being successful, lagging way behind Henderson who has 60%, with Toure way out in front with 75%.

In the 2013/2014 campaign, Ramsey averaged 3.32 successful tackles per whole match and hasn’t done too bad this season, winning just over two tackles per 90 minutes. Henderson has the best figure amongst the players for this season with 2.2 but has played over 200 more minutes than the Gunners man.

From the comparisons, you can see how vital Ramsey is for the Arsenal team, even having played fewer minutes than some of his counterparts. Even after missing 15 games last season, Ramsey was able to make a huge impact, not to mention the winning goal in the cup final and Arsene Wenger will hope to keep one of his key and most improved players in his squad fit and available for the crunch games to come.