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Premier League Infographic: Can You Buy Success?

EPL Index is proud to present TonyBet’s infographic analysing the transfers of each ever-present top flight club over the past five seasons, by asking the question: can you buy success in the Premier League?

The result is fascinating: by looking at the average net spend for each season and the average finishing position in the league, TonyBet discovered the best club in terms of value-for-money, and also the worst. The yearly average spend of the bottom three clubs in the table below, considering their relative success each season, will surprise many fans.

The final section evaluates the contribution of all the clubs’ new players over the first nine matches, and highlights the best and worst signings of the recent summer transfer window. TonyBet looks at the fee paid, the number of appearances, goals scored, shots taken, goals conceded (for defenders) or even assists.

So what do you think? Can football teams just go out, spend a fortune every season, and guarantee success in the Premier League? Is it just a case of the amount you spend, or do you need to be shrewd when investing vast sums of money into any new signing? Can you get away with spending relatively small amounts and still manage to finish high in the table on a consistent basis? Please let us know in the comments section.

Infographic brought to you by TonyBet, a leading provider of sports betting.

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