Analysing How Chelsea Won the Title

Analysing How Chelsea Won the Title

Even the majority of Chelsea critics wouldn’t be able to claim that Mourinho’s side were unworthy champions this season. They’re the one team that was consistent and focused right from the start. Attaining a lead of over 10 points ahead of other teams, Chelsea have shut the haters up and in style. Having won trophies 7 times out of the last 9 years, Jose Mourinho’s men emerged to be the clear-cut winners by a mile.


The 1-0 win against Crystal Palace was the game that sealed the deal for Chelsea. It is noteworthy that Mourinho was responsible in the 2004-05 period, for making champions out of the Blues for the first time in almost 50 years, and he had followed up with another title-winning campaign. And, he has done it again. The title race this season has gone in Mourinho’s favour exactly the way he loves his gameplay. Chelsea were brilliant from the beginning and snatched an early lead with zero lapses, drops or problems. They were at the top and rightfully so, with the kind of form they maintained and Mourinho’s tactics.

As far as the team goes, Chelsea can boast of having the most solid back line in the division, right in front of a highly dependable and skilled goalkeeper, a reliable midfield which combines the talents of Nemanja Matic, Fabregas and Ramires, along with the likes of Eden Hazard, just to ensure that ball gets into the goal with minimal issues. There is no big trick, no magic or secret behind it. You just know what to expect from Chelsea under Jose Mourinho’s reign.

The 5 key players in this season would undoubtedly be John Terry, Nemanja Matic, Diego Costa, Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas.

The Fàbregas-Matić pair can easily be called one of the most dangerous in Europe. Matić remains near the center-backs Cahill and Terry, thus protecting them from any onslaught of attacks from the opposition. Meanwhile, the full-backs charge ahead and drop between to obtain the ball and look to distribute. Oscar has proven to be quite resourceful in the No. 10 position. He looks to fill in the gaps as other players move about, instead of trying to create most of the opportunities for himself, and it is this unselfish characteristic of his that has helped the team greatly. He provides stability to Hazard and Willian’s inside cuts, goes on to pressure alongside Diego Costa after Chelsea lose the ball and maintains the other side of the midfield triangle as Fàbregas moves forward. He effortlessly weaves the majority of Chelsea’s attacks from a deep position, especially with his ability to pick up passes from a deep spot.

Oscar comes in to achieve a 4-1-4-1 shape or steps up to pressure with the striker in a 4-4-1-1. Eden Hazard remains on the left side, in order to quickly do his job in case of a counterattack. Chelsea still find it difficult to focus completely on the game and suffer from certain lapses in concentration. For example, when trying to finish a 1-0 win in the last 20 minutes against Manchester United and conceding a late equalizer. The 1-1 draw with Manchester City, saw Mourinho remove Loïc Rémy because he forayed too far from his area of defence.

Mourinho still enjoys the title of the mastermind, when it comes to thinking up winning gameplays and also his infamous press conference shenanigans. The reporters’ stubbornness to focus on storylines off the field rather than on, has often created instances where he has been labelled arrogant, outspoken and unashamed. However, hate on him all you want, he does have the skills and brain to be all of that and more. He lets the passion he feels for the game carry on with him even in his work and is unapologetic about himself.

The ‘boring boring’ chant by the Arsenal fans during the 0-0 draw at the Emirates received a typical Mourinho response, which was apt enough for the Gunners fans who came up with that chant, because Mourinho did not include a well-established striker in his line-up. A classic reply came from Mourinho, who went on to say, “You know, boring I think is 10 years without a title. That’s very boring. You support the club and you’re waiting, waiting, waiting for so many years without a Premier League title, so that’s very boring,” referring to Arsenal’s last Premier League win way back in 2004.

It will be interesting to watch if the Blues carry forward this same form even in the next season. Every team notes down their mistakes from one season and move on to the next with the aim to do better. Also, every team would want to win the trophy. Chelsea have indeed won it this season deservedly and will stand strong next season as well. With a man like Jose Mourinho in charge, it is hard to go wrong.

A huge round of congratulations for Chelsea for the remarkable season they have had this year.