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Manchester United Preparing for a New Season 

Manchester United is gearing up for the new season with their best players, but they are looking for new key players to add to the roster as well. The 2015/16 season is going to be one of their best. In this article, we’ll highlight some important points to know before the Manchester United footballers hit the field this fall.

Starting Dates

We see Manchester United starting this exciting new season on the first of July 2015. That’s coming up! Keep in mind that this is the start of their pre-season, which will be spent in the United States. On the 17th of July, MU will be playing Club America in Seattle at Century Field. MU will have 4 matches total in the states, then they will be heading overseas and home to start their Premier League Fixtures on August 8th. This match will be at home against Tottenham. Check out a pre-season match stateside or a Premier League match in Manchester by winning big with Red Flush Canada. You’ll have plenty of time to get tickets as MU’s total season run is expected to go until the 30th of June in 2016.

2015/16 Cups and Titles

First of all, this is the 41st season for MU as a top team in English football. It is also the 24th season for as part of the Permier League. This season, the guys are looking to win the Premier League, but they’re also on board to fight in the UEFA Champions League and compete for the Football League Cup and the FA Cup as well.

Is Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid Coming Aboard?

To be sure, Manchester United is on the prowl for some serious world-class defense team members. Word on the street is that this means Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos. Ramos is an amazing defender, and lucky for MU, he’s still in negotiations with his Real Madrid Contract. Will it end in Spain and send him north to Manchester? He’s a trophy winner that’s for sure, so most of MU’s club is on board, but there are some cons. He’s, first of all, great at nabbing red cards, and he has also caused some divides in the dressing room in the past.

More New Players for MU

Manchester United has been enticed by more players than just Sergio Ramos. We have three key players who are hopefully coming in to support the spine of the team. First, there’s Sergio Ramos. But aside from him, we have Bastian Schweinsteiger and Carlos Bacca. Schweinsteiger himself is signing for £7.5m. We’re also saying goodbye to David De Gea who will be heading down to Real Madrid. Finally and last but not least, there rumors at the mill. Will Raheem Sterling be joining the ranks at MU? Players and fans alike can’t wait for the season st

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  1. There is no point just dreaming on rumours and nothing is confirm signed. Look at our rival Liverpool, already signed 5 players and going on strong on the 6 (Bacca). This is how a managment or chairman should work, not sitting at his laurels and talking cock and bull stories, that he sign players and not done yet. Already last season we started off bad, with all the new players coming in late, still MU management has not learnt any lesson?


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