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How the Cech signing effects Arsenal’s other goalkeepers

At the time of writing, Petr Cech signing for Arsenal has not been conformed yet, but every media outlet, including the BBC and David Ornstein, is reporting that this deal is happening.  Arsenal are signing a world class goalkeeper and this should be a big signing and have a big impact on their possible title challenge.  Arsenal fans have been clamouring for a World Class goalkeeper for years and this signing should make them very happy.


The signing of Cech has been covered from just about every angle, but what does this mean for Arsenal’s other goalkeepers?  This seems to mark the end of David Ospina’s Arsenal career.  There are quotes floating around from the Colombian that his agent is talking to Turkish side Fenerbahce, and it looks like Arsene Wenger is very much prepared to let him go, despite becoming the number one mid season.  Safe to say that, from Ospina’s point of view, this move is awful for him.

Szczesny’s point of view is a little less black and white and the outlook for him is brighter. The Pole is staying at the club, bar any insane changes.  He’ll be the number two behind Cech. Yet, there is a feeling that this move could help him.  He was caught smoking in the team showers after a horrific performance against Southampton on New Years day. This led to him losing the starting spot to the aforementioned David Ospina. Despite him being the number two, Arsene Wenger has allowed him to stay around and dump Ospina, instead of visa versa. That is encouraging on its own.  There were rumors that Arsene Wenger was done with Szczesny and that the smoking incident was the last straw.  This would indicate that that is not the case.  It indicates that he could still have a future with Arsenal football club.

Szczesny could also benefit from being mentored by Petr Cech.  Most acknowledge that the 25 year old has a lot of talent and some think he has the talent to be a world class goalkeeper.  The problems for him have always been that his attitude has been a question.  The fact that he was dumb enough to smoke in the locker room is just one example of his questionable attitude and his decision making.  Cech has been one of the best goalkeepers around for a while.  He has bags of experience, he’s won it all, and he has always been a consignment professional.  Szczesny take a lot from being mentored by the Czech.

The final thing is that he could benefit from the new goalkeeping coach that looks to be coming in.  There have been questions on how good a goalkeeping coach Gerry Peyton is.  While Tony Roberts is the goalkeeping coach that left and not Peyton, Petr Cech is apparently going to bring his goalkeeping coach, Christophe Lollichon, with him to Arsenal.  Lollichon has been at Chelsea since 2007 and has worked with Cech for much of the goalkeeper’s career.  Szczesny could benefit from working with a new coach.

Cech is going to be a great signing for Arsenal in the short term.  He’s that top level goalkeeper that they have needed, but it really could prove to help Wojciech Szczesny. Cech could have four or five years left in him, but he did look like he was beginning to decline at the end of his time at Chelsea.  If Szczesny can get his attitude together and learn from his new teammate, it could hugely benefit both the player and Arsenal in the long term.

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