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Essential Premier League Betting Tips

There’s no denying that every season in the Premier League is a thrilling ride from August through until the end of May. At the beginning of the season you might have an idea of who you think will take home the league title, but by about the 5th game of the season that could all completely change.

Essential Premier League Betting Tips

While there are no fool-proof strategies for betting on the English Premier League, there are a few tips you can take note of to help you net a win or two and hopefully line your pockets in the process. Here are just some of the essentials:

1 Don’t necessarily bet on your favourite

Whilst it’s only natural to want your favourite team to do well and ultimately win the league, sometimes this just isn’t probable, and so would be a waste of your cash to bet on them. Of course, if your favourite team is Man United, Man City, Chelsea or Liverpool, your chances are always relatively good, so these are exceptions. However if you’re a Bournemouth fan, it’s not advisable to think that your team can waltz into the Premier League and start taking on these big clubs and beating them to the title.

2 Get your bets in early

Now is the time to start placing your bets if you’ve got a gut feeling or have been reading up on each team since the end of last season. With talks still ongoing in terms of transfers, backroom staff changes, not everything is set in stone yet. This means that as teams change slightly, so will their odds. For instance if Messi was to transfer to the likes of Aston Villa, no matter how improbable this may be, the result would be that the teams odds to win the league would undoubtedly halve. Plus, once the season begins and teams start to rack up points, odds will change in reflection to the teams doing well, so in that respect it’s better to get in early to get good odds on your team. If that’s a bit too risky for you, and you prefer your odds to be more fixed when you’re gambling, then why not try a different kind of online gambling site where you can be certain of your potential return no matter when it is you gamble.

3 Bet on the relegation teams

There’s a lot to be said for betting on who you think will be heading down to the Championship at the end of the season. Whilst it can be difficult to predict the winner, it’s often easier to measure up the teams who aren’t so good. Plus with 3 teams heading down at the end of each season, it’s easier to pick a potential team for relegation than just the 1 winner of the Premier League. However the nature of the game can be just the same at the bottom, with it often going right down to the wire to decide the final teams heading down so don’t be fooled into thinking betting on relegation isn’t as thrilling or fun.

These are just a few major tips to consider if you’re looking to bet on the Premier League this season, but of course once things kick off and teams start to unveil winning strategies, all bets can change!

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