Is the Lack of Winter Break Bad for England’s National Team?

Is the Lack of Winter Break Bad for England’s National Team?

Louis Van Gaal has raised a pretty logical issue: is the lack of winter break the reason behind England’s lack of trophies? According to him not having a winter break is very evil towards the football players, mainly because they are exhausted come the end of the season. It’s true that the Premier League has one of the most hectic winter schedules in Europe, but it is all a part of a tradition with which the English can hardly part.


Exactly this tradition is what Wenger defends wholeheartedly. He said that he would “cry” if the Christmas fixture list was to be changed, which is part of the English tradition and football. Despite the fact that his team has to play four games in just twelve days over Christmas, a period that is often blamed for causing fatigue and injuries, he wants the festive fixture protected.

England’s players, which mostly play in the Premier League, don’t have an adequate rest, which is to blame for England’s lack of results on the big tournaments that are played during the summer after an exhausting PL season.

Christmas is all about being with your family in a nice warm home and not going on the field in the middle of winter for a training because you have to play the next day. Many of the players have reported that they would rather play football games on their Playstations with their children at home, or even play football-themed casino games at mobile casinos like XNetEnt Casinos (those that like online gambling and free spins bonuses) than freeze on the pitch.

Furthermore, Van Gaal claims that this lack of break is not good for the English clubs as well, considering they are about to lose their fourth Champions League qualifying spot in 2017-18, which could go to Serie A. This rat race where the Premier League teams have to be successful in the league as well as in Europe has taken its toll and diminished their continental success.

In reality most of the managers in the Premier League would celebrate over the opportunity for a little break during the Christmas period when a daunting run of fixtures is held which leaves players exhausted at the end of the season. The Premier League is the only league in Europe without a winter break.

Based on this Jamie Carragher doubts that Jurgen Klopp will be able to implement his ‘gegenpressing’ tactics in the Premier League without a winter break and a much heavier game-load than the Bundesliga.

Even Spain’s Primera Division, which boasts with the same number of teams as the Premier League shuts down for the most part of December. Primera Division is considered by most football fans as the superior league in international football.

Bayern’s Xabi Alonso, the former Liverpool star believes too that the Premier League would benefit greatly from a winter break. He too claims that the intensity at which English clubs play is the sole reason that’s affecting their performance in Europe’s competitions just like last season when none of the English clubs reached a quarter-final.