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Seamus Coleman: The Boy From Gods County

Not too many players have crossed Stanley Park in the recent past. In fact the last few players to cross Stanley Park have included Nick Barmby (Everton to Liverpool), Abel Xavier (Everton to Liverpool) (remember him, remember the hair) and one I didn’t know about or seemed to have forgotten about is Sander Westerveld (Liverpool to Everton). But there’s one player currently plying his trade at Goodison Park that I personally would love to see playing at Liverpool and no, its not your John Stones, or Romelu Lukaku or even Kevin Mirallas, no its a wee lad from God’s county or County Donegal in the North West of Ireland as the rest of us mortals know it as.


As a Sligo Rovers fan I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of seeing this particular player mature into the player he is today. I’ve seen him up close and personal bombing up and down the pitch at the Showgrounds. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about the Showgrounds is where the Bit O’Red play their home games. Who am I talking about? Why Seamus Coleman of course. Look, maybe my heart is over ruling my head on this one but how could I not do a piece on Coleman, he is another of guily pleasures if I’m totally honest. It also gives me the opportunity to get my beloved Sligo Rovers and I’ll do that all day long.

From day one, Coleman was a bit of a special player. Any of the players who played with him or against him will testify to that. For those who saw him play, we knew that it was only a matter of time before he got the call to go over to the water to England. Luckily for Coleman that call came and it was Everton who came looking for him, they also at the time they had a manager in David Moyes who would give Coleman the time he needed to bed into the rigors of playing in the Premier League. And it didn’t take long for Coleman to show Everton his worth. He quickly established himself as an Everton regular and the Everton fans got to see what Sligo Rovers fans saw on a regular basis and took for granted when he was at the Showgrounds. I can imagine him playing on the right for Liverpool, putting balls into the box for Liverpool’s current crop of forwards to score with.

Not only has Coleman established himself as an Everton regular since he moved from Sligo Rovers, he has also established himself as an Ireland regular. And like Roy Keane before him he has given hope to young Irish players playing League Of Ireland football that if you’re good enough the top (and yes for the purpose of this piece Everton are a top UK club) UK teams will come for you. Next summer Coleman has the opportunity to show case his talents at the European Championships in France, to put himself in the shop window. To let the rest of Europe known what he can do. Rumours have surfaced in the past of interest from Bayern Munich and both Manchester clubs. That’s not bad for a young lad from Donegal huh.

No disrespect to Everton, for some reason I quite like them as a team, maybe that’s due to my love of all things Liverpool, but if Coleman wants to start winning trophies and honours bedore it’s too late for him, he’s going to have to leave Everton at some stage in his career and tte sooner he does that the better or he’ll end up becoming another Shay Given, having played football at the top, yet has won nothing of merit to show for his years in the Premier League. And I would like to think deep down Coleman knows this and he’ll get the move he deserves. I wouldn’t say no to him at Liverpool to give Nathaniel Clyne a bit of quality competition but then again maybe that’s my heart over ruling my head. So Jürgen Klopp if you’re reading this give Roberto Martinez a call and get Coleman playing in red this season and make my dream come true.

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