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City Roll the Dice with Pep Disclosure

“Oh Romeo Romeo wherefore art  thou Romeo” this could be translated to “Pep Pep wherefore art thou Pep” with the confirmed knowledge Pep was coming to the Premier League since his statement in December.


Manuel Pellegrini chose an opportune time to out the best kept secret in the Premier League, disclosing Pep Guardiola is replacing him in June at Manchester City. As with most things in life, there are cynics and believers, the cynics would have you believe Manuel did it for his own personal reasons to give himself the 5 months to secure a top job, rumoured to be at either Chelsea or Valencia. The believers will have you believe he felt the ghost of Pep was becoming detrimental and confirming Pep’s arrival would galvanise his squad and fan base for one final furlong push.


I’m more a glass is half full person so err towards the second theory of creating a momentum and final push in loyalty to this very humble and dignified man from Chile. Jupp Heynckes did the same as Pellegrini disclosing Pep’s arrival at Bayern Munich to displace him and it propelled that team to the historic treble of 2013.

Conversely Jurgen Klopp’s last season at Dortmund last year couldn’t propel him and Dortmund to win the German FA Cup losing to Wolfsburg 3-1 in the final eventhough Dortmund were favourites. Sports psychiatrists like Dr Steve Peters on the radio show Talksport felt Manuel and Manchester City made the right call putting the whispers to bed. Time will tell with City, they have a realistic shout in all four remaining competitions.


Real Madrid sacking Del Bosque after winning the Champions League chose only to disclose their move after the final as did Roman Abramovich with Roberto DiMatteo after winning his Champions League as interim manager. One could argue perhaps the Real and Chelsea decisions were spur of the moment decisions and not calculated moves as in the case of Pep Guardiola to Manchester City. City have been angling for Guardiola for the last 2/3 years.

The other conundrum it throws up for City is of their enigmatic talisman Yaya Toure who famously didn’t get on with Pep Guardiola at Barcelona and left abruptly due to the fact Yaya felt he wasn’t respected or deployed enough. Yaya at 32 soon to be 33 in May will probably seek pastures new with a mooted £300k a week to China. 185 games and 53 goals (1 in 4)Yaya has served his purpose and really put City on the map by signing from world beaters Barcelona in his prime. In the event both Manuel and Yaya are leaving, one would expect they would want to leave with as many medals as possible. Monetarily also their contracts and bonuses must be heavily weighted towards winning trophies.

Manuel Pellegrini a professionally qualified Civil Engineer by training has judged the situation and decided a disclosure would turbo boost the team over the line. Manuel graciously has stated he was been kept fully informed over the last two months of City’s dalliance with Pep Guardiola, and has accepted his fate in the most humbling gracious dignified manner possible, ingratiating himself further with most neutrals.

It is now left to his charges, particularly the senior members Kompany,Aguero,Silva and Yaya to ascertain for their departing manager a trophy haul befitting of the stature of the Chilean. He will already go down in the annals of history as the first South American manager to win the Premier League and only the second manager after Joe Mercer (UEFA Cup and League Cup 1968/69) to win two trophies in a season at Manchester City.

Bravo Mr Pellegrini most neutrals will miss you in the Premier League (if he chooses to depart). Pellegrini aspires to attacking, fair, fast-paced football a philosophy that will be augmented and enhanced by the arrival of arguably the most sought after manager in all World sport Pep Guardiola.

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