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Can You Name The Football Ground Quiz?

Over the last 25 years football stadium’s in England have gone through a major transformation. The old iconic stadiums have slowly been replaced by state of the art architecture with plenty of focus on the hospitality packages for the corporate side of the game.

However there are still some amazing old grounds around the country that make the FA Cup and League Cup games fun to watch and attend as they bring their own kind of atmosphere!

So how good are you at recognizing football grounds from around the country? Do you think you’ve got what it takes to pick out stadiums from pictures or names alone? If so this quiz is for you!

Thanks to Bowcom you can rate yourself against others to see how good your knowledge of the football grounds in England actually is!

Why not have a go and see how good you actually are!

Can You Name The Football Ground Quiz? Brought to you by Bowcom – Professional Line Marking Technology

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