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The Real Reason Of Leicester City’s Luck Unveiled?

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Good luck is now the only explanation of the unexpected rise to the top of Leicester City in this years’ Premier League. Some say that it has started with the spirit of King Richard III. The remains of the English monarch had been thought to be lost for ages until they were found in 2012 near the Foxes’ stadium.

Up to last March when the bones were interred in a proper manner at Leicester Cathedral, the Foxes were in last place of the Premier League table and under the threat of knockout. However, straight in the next game the team begun an astonishing comeback.

Such a stunning success made people think thoroughly about its possible reasons and now a theory seems to be found. A Thai Buddhist, Phra Prommangkalachan, has stated that the changes were acquired with the help of special talismans and blessings bestowed upon the players themselves and their field by Phra and his fellow monks.

During the last three seasons, Prommangkalachan has visited Leicester regularly together with some of his colleagues in order to purify the team’s karma. The monk told that he hung amulets on the players’ necks and gave them special fabric talismans. He was not completely sure whether the players realized what he wanted to do, but they definitely knew that he would bring them good fortune.

The club is owned by Thai duty-free billionaire Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha who is also a Buddhist and believes in good luck and karma just as most of his compatriots. The monk, in his turn, claimed that after his contributions the players will get stamina and a strong mind in order to keep fighting hard. He also added that the team would win this year’s Premier League for sure.

It is hard to say for now how much influence the monk had on Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez or Robert Huth and whether his actions had any impact on the club’s rivals, including Tottenham, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Nevertheless, such a success has surely enriched its owners. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha bought the club when the team was far away from the top list of the league. Today it is worth eight times more than he paid six years ago.

A former captain of England’s national team, Gary Linker, told the Guardian earlier this month that what the world is witnessing now might become the most unexpected triumph in the history of team sport if Leicester goes on to win the title.

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