2016 Premier League Rumours

Things have been exciting in the world of the premier football league. And why it won’t be? Marquinhos, the Paris Saint-Germain defender has confessed that he would be happy to move transfer to the Premier League at some point during his career. For now, he remains one hundred percent focused on securing a spot on Lauront Blace’s side.

Player Rumours

Marquinhos has made it aptly clear that he believes the Premier League is the best place for him. It is competitive football and he told Squawka that he is interested in the Premier League. That said, for now, he will be focusing on Paris Saint-Germain. However, come summer, Marquinhos plans to revisit his idea of seeking a transfer despite Paris Saint-Germans wish to keep him at the Parc des Princes.

As speculation and rumours about Marquinhos’s potential transfer grows, there has also been talk of other player transfers and opportunities including stalwarts like Pep Guardiola, Roman Abramovich, Jorge Sampaoli, and Jamie Vardy.

However, a different type of rumour takes off like wildfire in the midst of all of this. Binary Uno, the leading broker for binary options, is believed to be in the final stages of negotiations with the world leading teams of the Premier League.

The Premier League is selective in terms of choosing partners and licensees for sponsorship. Currently, the Premier League has confirmed there is no title sponsor for 2016 – 2017.

With no title sponsor for the upcoming year, media is abuzz with talk that the organization does not wish to have a primary sponsor for the entire league. Instead, there has been growing speculation about allowing each team to pursue individual sponsorships within specific guidelines that have been set. Since 2004 Barclays has sponsored The Premier League with contracts terminating in 2016. It is time for progressive change.

Looking at the Facts

Looking at the facts from last year, 20 of football’s most profitable clubs have brought in 6.6 billion euros in earnings. The Premier League is about to make the sport more popular through domestic broadcasting which will begin in the 2016 – 2017 Season. During the process all of the 20 clubs will join the list for the top 30 in the Money League.

These changes on the horizon will allow the clubs to build their own commercial models independently.

As a result, Binary Uno sponsorship has the potential to become the ideal commercial opportunity for the most watched football league in the world. Nothing has been confirmed or finalized yet, but it is certainly in the works. Only time can tell us how everything turns out.