Can Arsenal win the league again under Wenger?


Any Arsenal fan would tell you, if you ask them of course, that this season has been the most disappointing in recent years, despite the fact that they are in a pretty good position in terms of Champions League qualification for next campaign, at this stage with the final few weeks to go. ‘Pretty good’ has been the case with Arsenal year in year out, as they always show a glimmer of hope in the beginning, of being able to challenge for the league title right to the very end, win them big games when the pressure is mounted on them, but in the end, the familiar collapse occurs and the fans end up looking for excuses to look forward to the next season.


Arsenal have been accused of having a soft underbelly and quite rightly so. But they were accused of the same the year before; and the year before that. It has come to a point where one must question how Arsene Wenger decided to approach the season without spending any money in the summer on an outfield player, when clearly, there’s room for improvement. To quote Gary Neville, it is either naivety or arrogance. And with every recurring year of failed promises, I’m inclined to think it is the latter.

People have different opinions and reasons as to why Arsenal consistently fail to push at the right time, when their biggest rivals falter and it is finally their time to capitalize on their drop in form. It may be inadequate squad depth, poor rotation, injuries at the wrong time so on and so forth but the common thread in all these failures has been the mental fragility that Arsenal have been suffering from, for the last few years, that when it comes to the crunch situations they crumble, more often than not.

Their biggest defeat in terms of dealing a blow to their title aspirations, might, according to many, have come at Old Trafford when Arsenal’s strongest eleven (or close) failed to beat Manchester United’s assembly of youngsters, who were still trying to soak it all in and playing in the Premier League in front of ah huge crowd on the same evening. But not, in my opinion. It came in the following game in the Premier League, when Arsenal were under copious amounts of pressure to beat a lowly Swansea City at at home to claw back in the race for the crown and they failed to do so.

It must be exasperating for the fans, I must admit – to watch their side do this, manage to create a sense of false dawn, season in season out, and around March they all collectively disappear; in big games, in games with potential to decide the swing of momentum. There is no other logical explanation to the capitulation which has become the norm at Arsenal now than to say this whole ‘settling to mediocrity’ stems from the manager himself. Arsene Wenger is doing something horribly wrong, whether it is in the transfer market or during one of the team talks before he sends his team out in the busy months of March and April.

Either he cannot put together the right team to do it from week one to week thirty-eight or he’s placing his trust in the wrong personnel. And the most worrying thing about all this is he will be the first to tell you where he’s got it wrong. In a season where the usual suspects have gone off the boil, Arsenal were the side expected to, and understandably so, have their name etched onto the trophy – but it looks unlikely now in what has been a season littered with surprise victories and unexpected defeats. With the genuine possibility of arch rivals Spurs finishing above themselves, is Arsene Wenger now in danger of tainting his legacy by continuing to stay? Not, if he goes out on a high next year – by winning the league and only by doing so. But can he, though? As ever, only he knows the answer.


  1. Arsene is a senile old man who cannot see anything except his blind faith to save money for Stan. In fact I shall not be surprised to hear that it is one of the condition of his contracts and as a liar without dignity he choses to pocket his 8 millions and turn down the faith of the fans.
    I also believe that he is like a schoolmaster, and refuses to accept that his student players (Giroud, Ramsey, Gibbs, Walcott, etc) are not good enough, so he continues to wait for them to develop. But times passes by, stars come and go like Fabregas, Van Persie and he is still building his team. That is why he has to go, because the wait could be for ever with Wenger. Alexis, Ozil, Bellerin, Koscielny all will go or become too old to sustain Wenger title’s claim. We have seen that before, his team will always be incomplete as he will keep faith in underperforming players or apprentices or with his mad gambles , going in a new season without DM.
    WENGER SIMPLY CANNOT WIN THE LEAGUE, as he will never buy the right players we need, he will force one of his protégé to assume that role, and in the end turn a good player into one who cannot decide on his best position.
    He has got too may flaws and complexities together will a faltering philosophy plus a poor decision making added to a scrooge nature. And on top of that he likes to take gambles like failing to reinforce positions covered by injury prone players.
    That is too much for someone to achieve success, that is why he has been named the specialist in failure. Trying to manage far too many parameters has become a burden on his old failing mind.
    He wants to be a scrooge, rely on youngsters coming through his guidance, force players to adapt to positions designated by him, play football like Barcelona without the necessary resources (his own included), take gambles on injury prone players, refuse to buy players to replace under performing ones, skip preparing his players to tackle the opposition, play offensive football without a proper striker, refuse to reinforce his defensive midfield and not to listen to anyone even to Bould it seems.
    But he also do many things subtly, as an Information Security specialist I have always reflected on the amount of sites related to Arsenal which are pro-Wenger, could it possible that so many people genuinely believed in Arsene’s lame excuses? Is it a coincidence that a certain site with two popular a** holes (Tony and Walter) do so much disinformation and write so many articles to divert the attention of fans? Probably not, they are paid mercenaries. Then there is the amount of information that is delivered trough tweets, web sites, facebook by Arsenal players, this is not a normal state of affairs, it comes from a deliberate strategy , once again targeting the fans and keeping alive the faith in Wenger.
    Fantastic cocktail for achieving failure, that is the new Wenger after the Invincibles era.


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