Kasper Schmeichel - Emerging From His Father's Shadow?

Kasper Schmeichel - Emerging From His Father's Shadow?

Kasper Schmeichel is beginning to make a name for himself in the world of football and is finally seen as more than just Peter Schmeichel’s son. It would be poetic if Kasper Schmeichel helps Leicester to a win on Sunday and clinch the Premier League title, on the ground where his dad made his name. It is a sub plot in what is going to be the greatest story in Premier League history, but it has been somewhat overlooked in the media. The goalkeeper has been an unsung hero playing a key part throughout the campaign. If Leicester win the league, as expected, the Schmeichel’s will become the first father and son to both win the Premier League.


His father was the first of the modern day goalkeepers, often turning defence into attack with his quick distribution. He was a giant that took up a huge part of the goal and that was intimidating for attackers. Incredibly, he was very agile, which allowed him to make some amazing saves. The Manchester United legend will always be remembered for losing his temper with his defence. He was often seen screaming at his defence even when the mistakes didn’t lead to goals. He was a true leader and played a significant role in Manchester United’s success in the 1990’s.

Although there are signs of his father in his game, Kasper Schmeichel is a lot less vocal, but that doesn’t mean he is less effective. His reflexes and shot stopping are up there with the best in the league. He has also matured a lot as a goalkeeper over the last 12 months and if Leicester do win the league, he will be one of the most in-demand keepers across Europe, with Barcelona already being linked. He likes to come off his line a lot to take pressure off his defenders, but often opts to punch rather than catch the ball. His distribution isn’t as effective as his dad. However, that may be due to playing in a team that looks to play long balls, rather than one that dominates possession.

It is unfair to compare the two goalkeepers as they are playing in different eras, and the pitches, balls and schedule are different now. Despite this, you can’t help but admire the achievement of a father and son playing the same position and both winning the Premier League. It may never be replicated and that is why I hope Leicester win the league on Sunday, as it would be the icing on the cake for an iconic footballing family, allowing Peter Schmeichel to watch his son become a champion against his former club.

The Leicester story will be making headlines across the world and four or five players will interest a lot of clubs. Kasper Schmeichel is one of those and he is already being linked with a move to FC Barcelona, while other clubs needing a goalkeeper like Liverpool could be interested in the Leicester number one. It will be interesting to see where his career goes from here, and while he is unlikely to ever match the achievements of his dad in the game, there is no doubt that Kasper is now a lot more than just Peter’s son.