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All there is to know about surebets

It’s possible to make a safe profit while betting sports if act in accordance to some particular methods and strategies. The most beneficial is a surebet strategy. It’s main advantage is a 100% win no matter the outcome is. Profit usually accounts for 15-20% of the sum staked.


What is an arb and where it comes from? It is an arbitrage situation where betting different outcomes of the same event at different bookies brings you a safe win.

A huge number of bookmakers is the reason of a great number of arbs. First, high competition forces them to rise the odds. Second, bookmakers fail to manage the others or simply make mistakes. As a result we have a significant difference between the odds.

Surebet example

Let’s examine the strategy on the example of the basketball match with Team1 and Team2 performing:

  • Bookie1: Team1 wins — 1,7; Team2 wins — 2,9;
  • Bookie2: Team1 wins — 1,9; Team2 wins — 2,7.

As we may see, the odds are different for the same event at different bookies. Now let’s calculate the arb.

Fist, select the highest odds: Team1 wins (W1) — 2,6;  Team2 wins (W2) — 3,6. Now, put the numbers in the formula:

1/W1+1/W2=А — there is no arb in case А more than zero and viсe versa.  1/1,9+1/2,9=0,53+0,34=0,87 — arb exists if the number is less than one. Profit in this case equals 100%/А-100=15%.

Surbets types

Depending on the outcome arbs are divided into 2-,3-, 4way arbs etc.

There is also a classification by the beginning time of event. If bets are made before the event begins, arbs in such a case are called Premach. Their advantages:

  •         great number of events — plenty of arbs;
  •         odds are changing slowly — more time to take an action.

The maximum bet here is limited by the bookmaker as chances to win are pretty high.

Opposite to Prematch arbs, there are Live arbs. Bets are made here during the match. Their advantages:

  • “quick money” on account of rapid bankroll return;
  • less limitations from the bookie;
  • less competition, more arbs.

The only disadvantage is a quick odds change. One has to have a pretty good experience to profit betting Live arbs.

General recommendations for working with arbs

  •         if you’re a newbie, pick prematch arbs to work with as they’re more convenient;
  •         there is a huge chance to be limited while betting high odds. Better to bet small amounts (1-5% for newbies) and not be suspected;
  •         round up the sum staked to the whole number;
  •         withdraw your money only in extreme cases;

Surebet strategy is a whole science that requires a competent approach. In general, this way of earning is pretty good for additional income. We wish you all good luck in betting sports!

This article was written based on betburger.com.

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