A quarter of the players in Euro 2016 are from the EPL

A quarter of the players in Euro 2016 are from the EPL

Our friends at Grosvenor Casinos have analysed all the players taking part in Euro 2016 to find out which country’s elite league is the most sort after by players in Europe. They have visualised the data on an interactive map which can be found click (here).

Analysing the table below shows you that 25% of the players at Euro 2016 are from the Premier League! That’s double the amount of players that play in the Bundesliga and nearly four times as many as those from La Liga.

Top Ten Countries/Leagues by players attending Euro 2016
Country/League No. of players
England (& Wales*) 138 (25%)
Germany 65 (12%)
Italy 57 (10%)
Turkey 36 (6.5%)
Spain 35 (6.3%)
Russia 31 (5.6%)
Ukraine 21 (3.8%)
France 17 (3.1%)
Czech Republic 16 (2.9%)
Switzerland 15 (2.7%)

*England & Wales are combined to represent the Premier League.

How did the Premier League do?

  • Liverpool comes out on top ranking a joint first place with Juventus with the most players competing in the Euro championship with 12 players each
  • Despite a poor season, Man United ranks third with 10 players competing, while Man City ranks seventh place with 6
Team No. of players going to Euro 2016 Ranking
Juventus 12 =1st
Liverpool 12 =1st
Tottenham Hotspur 11 =2nd
Real Madrid 11 =2nd
Manchester United 10 3rd
Barcelona 9 =4th
Bayern Munich 9 =4th
Basel 9 =4th
Fenerbahce 9 =4th
CSKA Moscow 8 =5th
Roma 8 =5th
Dynamo Kiev 7 =6th
Dinamo Zagreb 7 =6th
Shakhtar Donetsk 7 =6th
Southampton 7 =6th
Besiktas 7 =6th
Arsenal 7 =6th
Viktoria Plzen 6 =7th
Chelsea 6 =7th
Manchester City 6 =7th

Whilst many will now use these numbers to claim that the Premier League is the elite league in the world what it can also show is that the foreign leagues have more players from outside of Europe playing for them.

The fact of the matter is that the Premier League attracts many players, especially from Europe, what these stats won’t tell is what the quality of the players from the league is like!