Profit by broadening your betting horizons

Profit by broadening your betting horizons

With the UEFA 2016 Euro championships on our doorstep, it’s a good time to investigate ways you can extract maximum value from betting on the event. There are a number of different strategies that can enhance your profit on an event like Euro 2016.


The first decision you need to make is who you want to place a bet on, or in the case of the Euro 2016 the outcome of the tournament or a particular match. Our site is a good source of knowledge for the latest news on all the action. Once you have made your selection, you should compare betting odds. It goes without saying, the higher the odds, the more money you will make, should your bet win. It pays to scour the market and find the bookmaker that is offering the best odds on your selection. This is especially important if you bet heavily, greater odds equals greater profit.

 The next thing to consider, is whether or not you already have an account with the particular bookmaker that is offering the best odds. If you don’t, you might want to check out the availability of any sign up incentives that they may offer you. It may be that you can secure a free bet as well as getting to place your bet with the bookie offering the best odds.

Be mindful that there are usually terms and conditions associated with free bets. For example, if you register an account with a new betting agency and receive a bonus, it’s likely that you will need to turnover the bonus amount before withdrawing any winnings. This is where you can get smart. This particular strategy lends itself well to events like a football championships. If you believe that you may place a series of bets throughout the competition, you don’t need to worry about the turnover requirements, as you intend to turnover the funds anyway. If however, you are only planning to place a single wager, eg. on tournament favourite Germany, you really need to factor in the turnover requirements of any free bet, as you be required to bet where you had not originally intended to.

It may be that you already have an account with the bookmaker offering the best odds. At this point, it’s worth evaluating whether or not to register with a bookmaker that will reward you with a bonus bet, but perhaps offer slightly inferior odds, or place the bet with your existing bookmaker. Again, this may depend on how many bets you plan to place during the next month.

If you are not able to secure a new account bonus, consider bookmakers that are offering specials on the game or tournament in question. Peruse the betting sites offering the best odds and check to see if they are also offering a promotion on the event. This is a fairly common practice nowadays, as bookies offer bonuses to existing customers in a bid to stop them wagering elsewhere.

In some cases, it is even possible to profit by placing multiple bets on the different outcomes for the same event, hoping that the result will trigger a bonus or refund from the one of the bookies you use. This is a form of arbitrage betting, instead of looking to make a miniscule profit, you may be able to secure as much as 50% of your bet stake. Again, with an event like the European Championships, there is likely to be some aggressive promotions on offer so it’s worth your while to shop around.

Don’t limit yourself to bookmakers that just operate within your region. Online sports wagering is very much a global marketplace, and any reputable operator is available to accept your bet. By looking beyond your local agencies, you suddenly open up a whole new range of betting odds, new account bonuses and football promotions. It may pay to investigate a market like Australia, where competition amongst betting operators is particularly fierce; and you might be eligible for both sign up bonuses and event promotions.

So before placing a bet on the European Championships, consider whether or not you can profit by broadening your approach by securing better odds, bonus bets and football promotions.