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The prospects of Leicester City in the 2016/17 English Premier League

Leicester City had everyone dumbfounded by their rise to become Premier League winners. It was the story of the under dog that was football’s most talked about achievement. But in a season in which top teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham were all having issues, and who can forget the controversy surrounding Chelsea and their manager, José Mourhino, is it not surprising, then that Leicester City were able to seek victory and celebrate their success? Some could also cite the Foxes were helped to this victory because it was their only focus after having gone out of the F A Cup and making an equally early exit from the League Cup. But to give Leicester City their due, they fought hard and their dedication and team spirit was well and truly noted by all. They deserved their win. What do you think of Leicesters chances? Why not have a flutter, bestbetting-sites.com have some great odds on this and many other sports events, give them a try.

But what next for the team? In order to assess how they will fair next season you have to look at some of the barriers they may face in trying to maintain their supremacy and what is in their favour going forward.

Added Pressures for Next Season

  • With Premier League favourites determined to rise to the top again, new management will make up the compliment of the following teams, therefore helping to improve their odds against Leceister: Manchester United have taken on José Mourinho, Chelsea have taken on Antonio Conte, Liverpool continue with the successes of Jürgen Klopp, but this time for a full season and same goes for Tottenham with Mauricio Pochettino. Foxes manager, Ranieri has a battle on his hands with these giants.
  • In their new capacity as winners, Leicester now have to embark on Championship League football which means extra fixtures in the midweek and Sundays that will see them travelling further and facing tough, European opposition. For example they are due to face Barcelona in August. A tall order for the Foxes.
  • The team may have to spend more money in order to increase the squad size to stay as competitive as their contemporaries both home and abroad.
  • With the extra matches comes the risk of added injury. Last season’s Leicester City were blessed with not having to deal with multiple players being benched with injury. One of their plus points of last season was how consistent their team was because they could all play and this in turn helped to develop the strong and determined team spirit that saw them through to the top. The pressure of added games may well take its toll on their athletic abilities. Only time will tell.
  • Keeping players this season is going to be key to their success. Last season Leicester City celebrated top scorers Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez and the skills of goalkeeper, Kasper Schmeichel and some strong mid fielders like Kanté. So the question would be whether Leicester can keep hold on to their key players going forward.

Good News For Next Season

  • To date Jamie Vardy has shunned interest from Arsenal and has signed a one year contract with Leicester City. Manager Ranieri stays to maintain the strong and decisive reign over a team whose grit and determination was flawless. With that in place, any of the top teams would be hard placed to beat them.
  • Manager Ranieri was noted to have said that he intends to sign up new, young and talented players to his team instead of ready made players. The advantage of moulding this new blood to fit your requirements is sure to raise the Foxes’ chances of staying at least in the top ten, which is where Ranieri has set his sights. A realistic and sensible place for the team to aim for, therefore lessening the pressure of trying to stay in the top four.

Even better news is that football pundits are confident that Leicester can stay at least in the top ten, but only as long as they keep their main core of players, commit to maintaining their team spirit and how well they cope under the added pressures of seeing other Premier League teams chomping at the bit to take on The Foxes.

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