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The Wind of Change Is Blowing in the Premier League

Whether we feel it or not, the wheels are set in motion and things are about to change radically in the Premier League. Some of the best managers have left their teams in Germany, France, Spain and Italy to take over English squads. All eyes are set on Mourinho and Guardiola who are about to reignite an old rivalry and take the excitement of Manchester derbies to the next level.


There are other big players that can’t simply overlook, such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea. Wegner, Klopp and Pochettino will make another attempt at winning the trophy after falling short in a late-season drama. Conte arrives to Chelsea after a convincing performance at Euro 2016, trying to turn the ship around and restore The Blues’ former glory. Interesting things are happening at the bottom of the standings and the battle to avoid relegation will be more intense than ever.

It’s Not All About Odds

Leicester won the English Premier League in what was arguably the biggest surprise in the history of the championship. Before the season started, bookies credited them with the worst chance at lifting the trophy and offered spectacular odds of 5000/1. This season, they are far more careful and punters who want to win a fortune overnight will have to settle for top odds of 1500/1, offered by respectable bookmakers – wonder how to find a reputable bookmaker? We recommend using OnlineCasinoReports.com guide to read about bookmakers, see their ratings and reviews before you decide on one.

Burnley, Hull and West Bromwich lead the pack of underdogs, at least when it comes to the odds. Watford, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Bournemouth are not far behind and all of them are priced at four digit odds. Tempting as these odds might be, betting on any of these teams to replicate Leicester’s performance feels like throwing money down the drain. However, football fans and punters alike can bet sensibly on the teams that will relegate and those that will remain in the English Premier League.

Another Interesting Case of Leave or Remain

There will be no votes to decide the names of the teams that will remain in the English Premier League at the end of the season, only hard work. Middlesbrough, Burnley and Hull have returned into the spotlight and won’t go down without a fight. Middlesbrough has the best squad, at least on paper, with a healthy mix of veterans and promising stars. It had the best home record in the Championship and allowed fewer goals than any of its counterparts.

Burnley and Hull were also a force to be reckoned with when they had the home pitch advantage, but they are ill-prepared for the Premier League. Statistics are promising though, with most of the newly promoted teams surviving the first season and only relegating after two years. This doesn’t sound too promising for Watford or Bournemouth as both of them promoted two seasons ago and have struggled ever since.

West Bromwich and Sunderland dug themselves in and turned pragmatic football into an art. They’ve had their fair share of scares, but made it through every single time and are very likely to play in the first division for another season. The bottom line is that this will be one of the most contested English Premier League seasons and the stakes are high at both ends of the tables.

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