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Who Would Fit Arsenal Better – Mauro Icardi or Alexandre Lacazette?

Arsenal have been struggling with signing top-class strikers ever since the days of Thierry Henry, and although RvP seemed like the answer, he was signed on to play at Manchester United. This season, Wenger seems keen on changing that, and it is about time. He made a relentless pursuit of Jamie Vardy, but the striker chose to stay back at Leicester City.


Undaunted, Wenger has been making moves for both Mauro Icardi and Alexandre Lacazette. Here’s taking a look at which striker would fit Arsenal better, and hopefully for Wenger and Arsenal fans, they get the striker they’ve been needing for so long.

Mauro Icardi

Mauro Icardi was supposed to be a replacement if the Lacazette signing didn’t materialise, but now, the Gunners appear to be giving Icardi priority as well. After falling short once again last season, Wenger is determined to add attacking quality to ensure they last the distance, and Icardi’s ruthless streak in front of goal could fit the bill.

As far as Icardi’s career is concerned, a move to play for Arsenal in the EPL would mean greater exposure and recognition of his talent. Also, Wenger is a good developer of youth football and playing under him would help him mould his talents better to suit the rigours of the EPL. Also, since Arsenal have been bereft of a good quality striker for a long time, Icardi would not have to worry about not featuring in the first team, because there wouldn’t be an issue there.

As for Inter, they want to ensure that Icardi stays on with them, having scored 52 times since joining the club three years ago. To make matters worse for them, even Napoli have shown their interest in the player, as a replacement for Gonzalo Higuain who recently left for Juventus.

Icardi is rated as one of the best strikers in Serie A, and here’s why: he has scored 47 Serie A goals in 91 appearances, having impressed with Inter and earlier with Sampdoria.

He has good, quick movements in the area, a sharp footballing intelligence and fine finishing skills and Arsene Wenger is confident Icardi can add the finishing touches to Arsenal’s creative approach play that Olivier Giroud often lacks.

Alexandre Lacazette

Lacazette rose to fame after his 27 goals in the 2014-15 season. He has been linked with numerous big clubs over a move from Olympique Lyonnais, with the latest being Arsenal. Similar to Thierry Henry, in some ways, as he started as a winger and later transitioned into a striker role.

There is no denying the fact that Lacazette just got better as the years progressed, be it his general link up play or his ability to shoot from better areas. There are some questions surrounding exactly how he would fit at Arsenal, given obvious differences in style to Olivier Giroud or similar types.

When it comes to taking a look at the stats, Lacazette outperformed Giroud last season despite his temporary struggles. He scored more goals, created more chances and was more accurate with his shots than the Giroud.

Compared to him, Lacazette is a better poacher which is often highlighted as something Arsenal lack.

However, when it comes to ascertaining if Lacazette would work well with Giroud, it remains to be seen.

Arsenal have missed out on signing Jamie Vardy, and given their situation, they really cannot afford to let a striker like Lacazette go.

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  1. It shouldn’t be either or because both Mauro Icardi and Alexandre Lacazette are young talented and very promising strikers. Arsenal should sign both of them because the team is really week in this department. It is time for a change and renewal. We have to get rid of the dead wood. none of Arsenal three strikers Giroug , Walcott, or even Welbeck proved to be a goal scoring machine or at least consistent . Arsenal should sign both and even Morata if the rumors are true that he wanted to join Arsenal . Arsenal to move to the next level need world class players and these three players are for reasonable prices compared to 100 million pounds Manchester United are going to pay for Pogba. Arsenal must behave like a big ambitious club when the right players are available and they can afford to buy them because the chance will not knock at our door twice .

    • Agreed! They just shouldn’t buy them both at the same time. Give it a season or two. We desperately need a center back right now and giroud has the potential to score goals. So maybe he would be better as a back up until then. Right now lacazette would be the better buy,in my opinion,he’s cheaper. More money left to buy mustafi.

  2. Honestly speaking, I won’t be surprised if we don’t end up not signing any of the two knowing how Wengfer and the board do when it coms to signing players,especialy when the said players are even interested and willing to come.that’s how we did with Luiz Suarez. What’s bad if we Sign both players? Please Arsene and the board shud stop toying with we the Fans… If we wanna win any championship this season,then we nred to Sign Classical and mordern players. PLEASE!

  3. Arsenal are interested in Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi as they attempt to fill a much-needed spot up front after falling short season after season with their current crop of attackers. striker has grown frustrated by the lack of service in Roberto Mancini’s side, and the Gunners could now offer the Barcelona youth product


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