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The Eriksen Saga – Could Signing Isco Help?

The transfer window is almost drawing to a close, and a lot of clubs have spent big in trying to get reinforcements for crucial areas, while others struggled to get the player they wanted. As far as the Spurs are concerned, the Vincent Janssen signing proved to be a good deal for them, and the two-striker formula might just work, with both Janssen and Kane bringing their ‘A’ game.

The Eriksen Saga - Could Signing Isco Help

However, as far as Christian Eriksen goes, do the Spurs need to bring in a player who could perhaps offer him some healthy competition?

It is very easy to get complacent and accept average performance from yourself, when there’s no competition around. Eriksen has failed to be at his usual best this season. Granted, the new season has just begun, but Eriksen has been linked with a move away from the club as well.

The Danish footballer does bring in the occasional goal and is intelligent on field, but any team looking to make a serious run towards the title, would need more threat from their midfield. Having said that, there’s no need for Eriksen to be permanently benched or dropped. A little break could do wonders for him, and Dele Alli could assume his position for a while. He has started the season slowly, and even Pochettino was annoyed by how he played against Crystal Palace.

Quality-wise, Eriksen doesn’t lack anyhow. It’s just that he seems to have trouble bringing in sufficient energy while playing. He looks tired and Pochettino needs to keep encouraging him, which is unlikely for somebody who has been playing for a team as long as he has.

Meanwhile, Isco has been strongly linked with a move away from Real Madrid to join the Spurs this season.

Although Pochettino has been looking to bring in a creative attacking midfielder, the fact is that Isco’s performance has become rather stale, due to frequent inactivity. However, he still has the capabilities to become an excellent player for someone.

In such a situation, Isco and Christian Eriksen might just be able to feed off each other. Isco and Eriksen are both talented enough to do wonders as a pair. Also, Eriksen desperately needs some healthy competition, while Isco needs more playing time. Also, nothing can compare to a little creative competition that can majorly improve one’s game.

Eriksen has been under-performing this season, and he has had a free summer, which comes as a surprise, considering his performance. Should Isco replace Eriksen then?

It’s not certain as to what exactly it is that bothers Eriksen to the point where it affects his game. It could probably be the contract negotiations going on, and also the fact that he is yet to sign a new contract for the Spurs. Also, he has been getting offers from other clubs as well, based on reports. He could even be injured, or maybe he’s just unmotivated. Whatever it is, it is very clear that he is distracted and does not play with his mind in the game at all times.

Perhaps he does need to be benched for a while, in order to get back to reality. Either that, or a pairing with Isco might work, because as far as competition goes, Dele Alli fulfilled Eriksen’s role pretty well against Crystal Palace. Eriksen has enjoyed his status as a player who is part of the squad always, with no questions asked about his credibility.

For him to improve, he probably needs to sit back and realise that he is not the only option at Pochettino’s disposal.

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