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Are Liverpool Still Confident On A Top 4 Finish After Their Results So Far?

The 2016/17 Premier League will be an incredibly contested match-up, apparently according to the experts the 2016/17 Premier League will become just a two man race; Manchester City and Manchester United. There have already been many bets placed due to the appointments of Pep Guardiola; Man City and Jose Mourinho, Man. United. These have been dubbed the most successful managers in the modern era and they are going head to head in the English Premier League; for the first time this year. There have been various predictions including those at 888poker who think that Manchester City will win the Premier League, however Liverpool still promising signs.


It has been of a strange start for Liverpool in the Premier League as they have won against the champions and Arsenal, who were topping the table last season. Yet they have lost against Burnley, who have recently just been promoted to the Premier League from the Championship; they have also drawn with Tottenham. Although it has been a bit of a weird start, Liverpool do have a good manager Jurgen Klopp; who has a track record of managerial success as well as having a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking coaches in the game. Klopp has also been on the ball with signing winger; Saido Mane. Many believe the Mane has helped increased their chances.

Manchester United

When Sir Alex Ferguson left the club, Manchester United seemed to lose their way but now they show promising signs. One of the major aspects of their improvement is the new manager Jose Mourinho, as he has made huge signings.

Manchester city

The fact that the Manchester City board announced the appointment of Pep Guardiola, in the middle of last year’s season was a wreck. They seem to fall off track and their Champions League run came to an end when playing against Real Madrid. Guardiola is one of the most sought after managers when it comes to football and for the first time all the talk is on the managers.


Although Arsenal finished as runner-up’s to Leicester, Arsenal was never in the run in for the Premier League last season. Arsene Wenger failed to listen to fans when they wanted to see more activity in the transfer market, and he did not deliver. Even after the less than exciting signing, Arsenal are the experts at finishing in the Champions League having finished in the top four spots for the past 20 season- so it really is anyone’s title.

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