How To Bet On The English Premier League

How To Bet On The English Premier League

Football is the largest sector in gambling across the world and all the best mobile betting apps along with online bookmakers is the pillar of their success. Over the last decade, the industry has gone through huge changes with the advancement technology. There are thousands of different options you can choose from when betting on the English Premier League. Below I go into more details about the different types of bets.


Football Betting

All the top rated online bookies along with the best mobile betting apps are similar in structure and bets are carried out the same way. To make it simple for customers all the different games and betting options are listed in an easy to understand way.

Correct Score

One of the most popular types of football bets is guessing the correct score. The odds are higher than simply betting on which team you think will win. It is also one of the hard things to predict which is why the payouts are greater if you get the score right.

No Bet Draw

If you want to improve your odds of winning the no bet draw is a great option to choose. The odds are a lot lower than guessing the correct score, but if a draw occurs you will get your original stake back.

Both Teams To Score

A popular bet to make over the last few year has to bet on both teams to score. Used in conjunction with promotions such as welcome or matched deposits, it can be a great strategy to beat the bookies. Over the last couple of seasons, the Premiership teams have become more attack minded which has increased the odds of this bet coming in.

Real-Time Football Betting

The best form of football betting is using mobile apps so that you can place bets in real-time. Seeing which players are playing, how the team is performing etc. gives you a great advantage of managing to predict the best bet to place. A number of gambling companies also offer their customers the chance to cash out when they want. So if your team goes ahead but you see the opposition getting on top in the game, you can cash out your bet and you will not lose should your team go on to lose or draw.

Football Accumulator Bets

The highest paying odds for football betting are accumulator bets. These work by you guessing the results of a number of matches at the same time. If all the results come in you can win a fortune and many have made hundreds of thousands of pounds by using this method.

English Premier League Betting Conclusion

If you are new to football betting you should take advantage of all the different promotions on offer by the top online bookmakers. You can get free bets, welcome rewards, matched deposits and more. Using these types of promos will give you free cash and increase your chances of winning big. Make sure you take your time before placing a bet and use forums, tips sites, and expert blogs to get the inside track on what to place your wager on.