What You Need When Watching Your Team Away In the Champions League

What You Need When Watching Your Team Away In the Champions League

The world’s most prestigious club football tournament is well underway, as Arsenal, Leicester, Manchester City and Tottenham look to advance from the group stage of the Champions League. Seeing as the trophy hasn’t been won by an English side since the 2011-12 season, many fans often put all rivalries aside if it means they can see and English team win the competition. If you’re one of the many thousands of football fans travelling across Europe to watch the Champions League, then make sure you don’t forget these essentials.


Yes, they are the most obvious requirement for any trip, but it’s surprising how many people regularly forget them. Naturally you’ll need to arrange your travel tickets as well as your match tickets (unless you’re getting an all inclusive package deal). Make sure you buy your tickets from a reputable source, never travel abroad without match tickets confirmed, in order to avoid disappointment, and never buy tickets from touts.

Travel Insurance

When travelling abroad it’s always important to make sure you’ve got the right cover for your circumstances. Comparing your cover options via an online comparison site is always a good idea to make sure that you’re getting the best deal. When travelling your Europe, it’s always important to apply for a European Health Insurance Card, this can cover you from any expensive medical bills in the instance you seek treatment abroad. You can apply for yours at https://www.ehic.co.uk/ but it is worth keeping in mind that an EHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance, and you should always have both.


Many of us take our laptops with us when travelling abroad, whether it’s for entertainment on the plane or you really need to finish that report for work. Similarly, you may have a kindle with the latest bestselling eBook on it, whatever the reason, although there’s nothing wrong with taking valuables with us when travelling, it is best to leave them in the hotel room and not take them into the stadium. First of all, you will have no real use for them while watching the match, and you’ll also be seen as a prime target for thieves. The only electronics you might want to take into the stadium is your smartphone, or digital camera, so you can take pictures or videos of the match for posterity.

Phrase Book

This is particularly useful if you’ve never visited that specific European country. Whether it’s taking a taxi from the hotel to the stadium, or buying match day programme, the chances are you’ll run into a local during your time in the country, and you’ll find it easier to get by if you can pick up a few key phrases of the local lingo. Basics like hello, goodbye, please and thank you mean that you’ll be seen as a lot more pleasant and respectable with the local residents.