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How you can watch the EPL teams in the round of 16

What an amazing Champions League campaign we’ve had so far! Leicester City has carried on their fairy-tale by reaching the last 16 of the Champions League with a game to spare! Arsenal finished top of their group for the first time in a years, showing their steel by beating Basel 4-1, Ludogorets 6-0 and coming from behind to beat the same team 3-2. Then we saw Manchester City get thrashed by Barcelona only to return the favour in their next fixture. The next round should provide for a very exciting one with some of the top teams in Europe advancing too. The draw for the last 16 will commence on the 16th December in Nyon, Switzerland, which will be televised on BT sport. For the UK viewers, all the Champions Leagues matches will be televised on BT sports so you’ll never have to miss a match.


However, if watching it on the small screen is just not enough, why don’t you experience the thrills of victory or defeat by actually going to the game? Most tickets will be sold on the club’s specific websites or if just want to experience the European fan-zone activities, a number different forums and groups can be found on the internet. If you are planning to follow your team across Europe then make sure you have your EHIC card which can be applied for at https://www.ehiccardrenewal.org.uk/. This website will allow you to gain or renew your EHIC card so when you follow you team across Europe, you’ll know that if an accident were to occur, your EHIC card will cover all your medical needs. So the only pain you’ll experience across you travels is seeing Messi scored the last minute winner knocking your team out of the Champions League final.

What English team has the best chance?

  • Arsenal

Blimey, aren’t the Gunners on fire at the moment, finishing top of their group, overcoming the French Champions- PSG, occupying second spot in the Premier league and really looking like title contenders, in addition to their talisman Alexis Sanchez hitting world class form since playing as the lone striker- creating and scoring a host of goals already this season. If, a big IF, Arsenal can keep all their players fit and in-form, then I believe they have the potential in beating anyone in this competition. They have really improved over the past years, but it’s always commonly known for the club to pick up key injuries this time of the season, but if they can manage to avoid that, then I believe they have the best chance out of the three EPL clubs .

  • Manchester City

Another club whose been looking really good this season is Man City. They have been looking quite dangerous in the premier league despite some minor setbacks. But Pep has implemented an interesting style of football; it just needs the club to take time to adjust to it. This why I think, City may find it difficult throughout all competition this season, because they need to learn what Pep wants on the pitch. The only reason they can get away with it sometimes is because of the calibre in their squad. When you have the likes of De Bruyne, Gundogan, and Aguero, the team can bypass some of the confusion they may have on the pitch. For me City can be hit and miss in the competition, they have the ability to go and win it or simply crash out in the first knock-out round

  • Leicester City

This clubs manages to keep wowing fans alike. 500-1 last to win the league last season and they go and do just that. Many fans believed they’d crash out of the Champions’ League group stage but they only go and win that too! So how far do we think Leicester will go in the competition? I honestly don’t know, this team just keep on creating miracles; They could come up against the Barca’s or the Madrid’s and come away with a win. Leicester can finish anywhere in this competition, it will be interesting to see how far they will go.

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